Marion Miller is an Australian based Professional Coach, Mindfulness (MBSR) Teacher and the founder of The Coach Hub. She's also a writer, artist, nature lover and psychotherapy student. Marion is passionate about being authentic and human potential. She's made a livelihood from asking meaningful questions, wondering, exploring the depths of human experience and pioneering change. 


Marion is the author of the Mindfulness Workbook and writes for several publications on mindfulness, wellness and empowerment. She is a seasoned content creator on social media. Discover her insights and musings with weekly inspiration, videos and blogs. She's also available for private, group and workplace sessions in Hawthorn or Online via The Coach Hub.

Marion has crafted an approach to coaching and counselling that is mindfulness-based, creative, body conscious, insightful, trauma-informed and compassionate. Through the integration of the mind, body and spirit she helps her clients harmonise, heal and transform naturally. It's a fresh, meaningful and a reciprocal pathway of self-discovery. Marion draws from ancient wisdom traditions, culture, science, spirituality and mother nature.

Marion has enjoyed being creative since childhood. Her strongest form of creative expression is painting you can see in the gallery. She's also done a street photography project in NYC and Melbourne, dance, writing and crafting. She revels in the mysteries of the natural world by weaving together beauty and goodness to inspire connection and meaning making.

On The Cushion with Marion Miller 



marionmiller.com.au / 0423 703 960

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