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Specialised Mindfulness & Wellbeing Support,
Leadership, Career & Life Coaching in Melb

Marion is an experienced coach ready to guide you towards reclaiming your wellbeing, unlocking your creativity, and enhancing your leadership skills. Through our coaching program, workshops, and workplace coaching, Marion empowers you to create a purpose-driven, and fulfilling path.

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Leadership & Life Coaching Testimonials

Begin a transformative journey of personal and professional growth through

our specialised coaching services.

Whether you're navigating life's challenges, pursuing career aspirations, or honing your leadership skills, Marion Miller is here to guide you. Stress less and thrive with our wellbeing and mindfulness coaching, providing you the invaluable tools to be fully present in your life. Take the time to pause, reflect, and gain the clarity needed to create a purposeful path forward.


Our coaching approach is designed to help you turn challenges into opportunities, rise beyond old emotional patterns, and awaken your true north. Build motivation, make strides toward your goals, and discover your inner strength while aligning with your values to develop effective leadership and thriving workplaces.

Marion offers one on one personal and professional development coaching for those who are ready to make a change. Every term you'll find inspiring group mindfulness coaching programs and events both online and in person. Marion also works with workplaces helping them develop impactful leaders, thriving wellbeing and cultures of continuous improvement.

Why trust Marion coaching services in Melbourne?

Marion Miller is a seasoned leadership and life coach, fuelled by a passion for mindfulness, creativity, and empowering high-potential leaders. Her mission is to guide individuals like you through insightful discoveries, break down barriers in life, career, leadership and workplaces, foster deeper connections, and make a meaningful impact. Whether you opt for individual coaching or of our group or workplace programs, Marion offers a multi-dimensional approach that delivers results.

Mindfulness Coaching Melbourne

Our Individual, Group & Workplace Coaching Services

About Marion Miller

Marion is a dynamic Melbourne based Professional Coach, Counsellor & MBSR Mindfulness Teacher in the beautiful Glen Iris, Melbourne, Australia with over two decades of training and experience.


She holds a degree in ICF coaching, PACFA licensed counselling, MBSR Mindfulness, and Ecotherapy certification. She provides individual coaching and group work in person, online and in large organisations.

Marion is a creative, systems thinker with a mindfulness, social & ecological based approach. ​Marion works with professionals, organisations and communities who want to make a positive impact.

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Client Testimonials
I found Marion was able to help me greatly with the transition I was making from having worked in a fairly large financial organisation for a long time to running my own small research business. I was also very keen to write a book about a particular historic change that has occurred in relation to the virtual disappearance of a previously major resource industry and she was able to help me gain clarity and focus around that and to recognise what I needed to do to prioritise work on the book. 
Life & Leadership Coaching Testimonial Anonymous | Business Owner/Researcher

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