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I am a professional coach, mindfulness teacher, holistic counsellor & the founder of The Coach Hub. I host a YouTube channel On The Cushion, write for The Coaching Blog & I’m a psychotherapy student. I'm also an artist, mum of four amazing daughters who have taught me so much & partner to a wonderful man. 

I’ve spent a lifetime in the pursuit of self-awareness, learning & development. My mum introduced me to meditation when I was 20. I'm passionate about empowerment, women in leadership, creativity, mindfulness, sustainable community development & mother earth. 

This site shares my creative projects &  collaborations. If you're interested in connecting with me, working together or have a question, please get in touch. For private practice appointment visit www.thecoachhub.com.au

 Latest Videos: On The Cushion @marionmillercoach 

Ego tricks to watch out for when learning mindfulness.

Ever tried starting a mindfulness practice or some kind of healing journey and then just given up? In this new video I share some the clever tricks of the human ego and what you can do to navigate them in a way that helps you continue to grow.

Grounding techniques helpful for easing anxiety.

Here's some really simple strategies to calm your farm when your old friend anxiety decides to visit. These evidence based techniques can be done anywhere, anytime and are really useful for helping you regulate your nervous system, feel safer and connected.

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