Marion Miller: My Story

I'm Marion, I have over 15 years experience empowering people across multiple platforms including The Coach Hub, an Australia wide coaching, mindfulness and counselling service based in Melbourne. I passionate about living and working authenticity and creatively.I am the mother of four incredible daughters, an artist and activist and passionate about women's empowerment, environmental sustainability and an eco focussed approach to human development.

I'm the spirited daughter of German immigrant from Hamburg and a farmer from King Island. My life begun on a farm in country Tasmania before moving to Melbourne during my early childhood. As a kid I loved the outdoors, being creative; making art, dancing, acting and dressing up. I studied Jazz Ballet at Essendon dance academy as a young teen and was involved in a teaching mentorship program there for one year before my dance went underground. In high school I had a keen interest in creative production and entered my school in the Rock Eisteddfod for an English assignment. We tackled social issues like poverty and inequality through Jazz and Hip Hop dance and performance and won best new school!

Like everyone, life has thrown me some curveballs, like my parents splitting up when we moved to the city, an abusive step father coming into my life, losing my mum to suicide in 1999 and the end of my marriage years later. Does anyone live to 46 years old without suffering and heartbreak? I survived the set backs of my early years, slowly recovered my soul and rose up stronger, kinder and wiser.

I have had some incredible adventures that have shaped me; like a road trip around Australia for 9 months, living and working in Japan, birthing and raising four beautiful daughters and meeting my beloved partner and best friend. We've shared adventures like hiking the grampians, sailing the Whitsunday on our own charter, exploring the Daintree and immersing ourselves in silent meditation retreats. I'm forever grateful for teachers past and present, a loving family, community and beloved partner. Now, I share the skilful pathway of self-discovery, living purposefully and the inner work of being authentic and in the flow of our essential nature. It's a process that's always evolving, informed by culture, science, spirituality, the natural world and my life's experience.

Before founding The Coach Hub (formerly Melbourne Coach) I worked in beauty, fashion and content/digital marketing and creative production, I've developed business start ups, and creative projects in both Melbourne and NYC. Changing careers and pursuing my dream was a challenge but step by step it has transformed my life and given me a greater sense of purpose and joy to do what I love and further my studies in academia.​

​The mindfulness journey began in 1996 when I was just 20 years old my mother introduced me to a visiting Vedic meditation teacher and soon after the meditation practice claimed me. In 1999 I travelled the coastline of Australia for 9 months and spent time with indigenous communities in northern WA and the NT learning about my connection to the land. I was fortunate enough to spend a day with an aboriginal community in NT and walked on foot and crossed Mary river to meet an aboriginal elder named Cedric Fortimer and his young nephew at a site located at Shady Camp in NT. At Shady Camp I received teachings about aboriginal culture and art and watched a traditional ceremonial initiation and hand over of a didgeridoo buried in Mary River. I also witnessed brumbies galloping through the land and was gifted a wild turkey wing with a beeswax handle.

In 2001 I spent a year teaching ESL in Japan, including classes at a Kindergarten on the grounds of Koju-ji Temple in Ogaki. A monk swept the grounds one morning as I arrived for work and his spiritual presence was so powerful I was moved deeply and it awoke my curiosity for Buddhism. I immersed myself in the seasonal festivals and was invited into students homes and families to experience ancient cultural traditions. Having been profoundly moved by eastern and indigenous culture; these early experiences were the seeds that inspired me to be a spiritual seeker and become a mindfulness teacher.

My professional education and mindfulness training includes:​

• Coaching Diploma in Career, Business and Life Coaching from The Coaching Institute of Australia, 2015.

• Meditation Teacher Training, Melbourne Meditation Centre with Matt Young, 2009.

• MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) and MBCT (Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy) MTIA, 2015.

• Mindful Leadership, Compassion Masterclass with Emiliana Simon Thomas PhD, 2016.

• 3rd year student of Bachelor of Counselling (Coaching), Australian Colleague of Applied Psychology, 2016- on-going.

• Mindful Self-Compassion Core Skills with Christopher Germer, PhD. & Kathleen Cator, 2017.

• Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness online: Theory and skills to make meditation safe and effective for trauma survivors with David Trevelen PhD, 2019.

• Introduction to Eco-Therapy - Online, Wilderness Reflections, 2020.

• Dance For Life Arts and Yoga Trance Dance Teacher Immersion Online with Shiva Rae, 2020.

Mentors who have influenced me:

Simonne Jameson PhD.

Arian Young.

Teachers I have sat with:

• Insight Meditation Retreat: How the Dharma Informs Mindfulness-Based Approaches, Bob Stahl and Timothea Goddard, NSW, 2016.

• Insight Retreat, Open Heart, Open Mind 7 day silent retreat, Subhana Barzaghi and Carol Perry Victoria, 2017.

• Insight Retreat, Equanimity: Finding Balance in our practice, James & Jane Baraz, 2018.

• Insight Meditation 3 day Silent Retreat, Opening Heart, Anton Eastick, 2018.

• Insight & Eco-Dharma retreat: Earth in Mind, Robyn Gibson and Rupert Marques 2019.

• Insight Retreat: New Years Retreat, Anton Eastick and Neli Martin, 2019.

Approaches that influence me:

The modalities and techniques I draw from include: Solution Focussed Approach, Narrative Coaching, Cognitive Behavioural Coaching, Positive Psychology, Person-Centred Coaching, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC), Insight & Zen Buddhism,Yoga, Dance, Hakomi, Depth Psychology, Organisational Behaviour, Psychodynamic Theory, German folklore & Nature-Based Counselling.

​When I'm not working I'm spending time with my daughters and beloved partner. We enjoy travelling the world, spending time at the beach, in nature, sailing. I also love gardening, painting, yoga, dance and writing.

CONTACT Marion / 0423 703 960

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