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Eco-Mindfulness and Nature-Based Connection


Eco-Mindfulness can offer you an opportunity to slow down, rest and tune in to your innate connection with the natural world. Through intentional eco-mindfulness practice in nature you can open up your senses, expand your awareness and discover a creative and reciprocal relationship with your environment. Eco-Mindfulness can enhance your health and wellbeing, reduce stress and promote self healing while also healing the earth.


Merging together the mind and nature can help you understand yourself and give you a sense of refuge and belonging. In the practice of eco-mindfulness you can experience the changing weather, seasons and non-human species as metaphors for your own experiences.Drawing from evidence based mindfulness, ecology and the ancient wisdom traditions, eco-mindfulness can provide a meaningful path for navigating the grief of climate change, mental health/wellbeing, survival and working towards sustainability. 


Marion has more than 15 years experience in private practice and teaching mindfulness to individuals, organisation and the community, she is trained in the gold standard, mindfulness based stress reduction, mindful self compassion and has been a regular participant of silent retreats. She spent her early years on the land in Tasmania and has always had a love of nature. Eco-mindfulness is a grass roots practice that developed after Marion started studying eco-therapy and seeing clients in her local parks during lockdown. Here's a sample of a guided Eco-Mindfulness Meditation. Take yourself outside to listen.

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What is Eco-Mindfulness?

Eco-Mindfulness is the natural human capacity to be present for ourselves, each other & the environment. Eco-Mindfulness is a restorative practice helping develop a deep caring & reciprocal relationship with nature. 


Eco-Mindfulness merges mindfulness, ecology & psychology. With practices centred around our inherent nature connection, we can let go of unhelpful ways of being in the world & develop more purposeful path living harmoniously with nature. 

Research shows that time in nature enhances our sense of aliveness & improves mental health & wellbeing. Eco-mindfulness offers a path of creative & expressive ritual, practice & skill. It can help us navigate impermanence, constant change, uncertainty & letting go.


Eco-mindfulness can help restore the health of the earth & build sustainable ways of living & working with the earth in mind. Through eco-mindfulness we can attend to the greater good, develop healthier systems & care for the community & planet.

The Benefits of Eco-Mindfulness

  • Cope with climate-anxiety, grief & overwhelm 

  • Reduce the Impact of your consumer choices 

  • Feel grounded, belonging & more steadiness 

  • Reduce self-consciousness & expand awareness

  • Eat mindfully, consciously & sustainably

  • Be conscious of what you reuse, reduce & recycle

  • Live in harmony with nature & reduce your footprint

  • Take action for climate change in your professional life

  • Cultivate compassion & kindness & protect all living beings

  • Feel into your senses, aliveness & vitality 

  • Experience your felt presence in nature

  • Protect the environment & take action at home

  • Developing curiosity & creativity in relating with nature

  • Discover a refuge & sanctuary in the natural world

  • Sustainability mindset & innovation

  • Unplug, practice self-care & find your balance in nature

  • Talk to others & connect through nature based practices

  • Develop a reciprocal relationship with nature

  • Cultivate compassion, equanimity & wisdom

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Founder | Holistic Counsellor, Professional Coach & Mindfulness Teacher (MBSR).


My work with clients is holistic, present focussed & non-clinical; I don't believe in quick fixes to often complex & systemic issues. The process involves integrating the mind, body & emotions to foster self-healing, insight, connection & growth. My strengths are in holding space for the deep dive of inner work & providing creative, fiercely compassionate & wise counsel. 


I specialise in the process of helping clients develop mindfulness & compassion; inclusive of the wider context of one's life, work & the world. I am educated in Trauma-Informed, Mindfulness Based Therapies, Coaching, Counselling & Psychotherapies as well as receiving training, mentorship & supervision. I've been in private practice for over 15 years & have worked extensively in educational & organisational wellbeing & leadership.

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“You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference and you have to decide what kind of a difference you want to make.”—Jane Goodall