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Coaching, Mindfulness & COunselling With Marion 

My approach is holistic, expanding awareness of the psychological, emotional, physiological, social & spiritual mind body experience & interconnection of our lives. I believe with the right skills, conditions & support you can experience healing, transformation & growth & live with renewed energy & in harmony with our natural world.

I am passionate about helping clients bounce forward after setbacks, heal the past in the present & discover insights. I help them map their authentic pathway, realise their potential & empower their growth.​ I believe with specific practices & processes all humans have a capacity to live in the flow of natural presence & in harmony with self, others, the earth & life as a whole.


My offerings:

Coaching is best described as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process designed to maximise their personal and professional potential. Coaching is client-driven, goal orientated, learning and performance focussed on the here and now. Coaching can help you grow positively in the areas of life, wellness, relationships, career and leadership. 


Mindfulness coaching works by cultivating the capacity to control attention regulate emotions and expand self awareness. Mindfulness Coaching involves learning specific meditations and practicing skills that integrate the mind and body and give rise to insight. It involves acceptance, gentle nurturing, developing spaciousness, compassion and equanimity. Mindfulness helps reduce stress, anxiety and depression and helps develop resources for sustained change.


Counselling is an interpersonal relationship that promotes the clients mental, emotional and social health and wellbeing. Counselling enhances self-understanding and insight, aims to resolve identified personal and professional problems through a supportive relationship. Problems can include stress, anxiety, depression, relationship problems, parenting and women's issues.   

EVENTS & Retreats

Join me in one of our events or retreats. We offer mindfulness and coaching in a group setting to help you find your authentic pathway and develop your personal and professional life. I am also available to co-facilitate on retreat and will consider offers to host retreats for your organisation.

Speaking & presentations

As a former toastmaster I am adept in public speaking and enjoy presenting to organisations and events on the topics of mindfulness, empowerment, nature, motherhood and creativity. You can hire me to speak at your next event by contacting me via email. I like to engage the audience and interact making the presentations spontaneous and enjoyable.

Creative collaborations

I love working with others and contributing to projects to help others realise their dreams & work in a team. Whether it's through Uni or connecting with like-minded and innovative people I open to considering all ideas and offering my skills and knowledge in the pursuit of sustainable community development. Reach out to me to find out more. 


marionmiller.com.au / 0423 703 960

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