Mindfulness Coaching

Mindfulness Coaching is for people seeking to feel more balance, insight & connection in their lives. The body mind is a naturally self-organising system & given the right conditions & support you can develop your own self-healing pathway.

Our evidence-based mindfulness coaching & counselling offers a pathway & process that is centred in mindfulness. Mindfulness Coaching facilitates neuroplasticity, reduces stress, anxiety, pain & depression & helps increase awareness, compassion & equanimity.

Mindfulness Coaching & Counselling is an integrative mind, body & heart approach working with the individuals somatic physical experience, cognition, emotions & body. Underpinned by ancient eastern wisdom traditions & researched in modern secular science.

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    Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course

    International gold standard mindfulness coaching course offering an 8-weeks of intensive session exploring skills, practice & the pathway.

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    By appointment weekly

    1:1 Mindfulness

    Coaching Sessions

    Individual sessions for developing self-awareness, insight and overcoming patterns from the past. A pathway for sustained wellness, healing & growth.

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    Weekend Mindfulness


    Mindfulness Retreat in Camberwell. Full day of practice, dropping into deepening mindfulness, awareness and self-care.

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    Women's Empowerment


    A supportive and mindful women's circle to help build each other up and cheers one another on. When women gather we can empower one another.

Kind Words from Clients

Tess Milne | Interior Designer

"I came to Marion to do the 8 week Mindfulness course to help understand and see if I could improve a work environment that was quite stressful. Marion gave me the tools to deal with conflict in the workplace and to manage my stress, through assertiveness and various types of meditation. This was also assisted via her honest feedback on the work scenarios’ that I discussed in the sessions.

The course gave me more confidence to tackle tricky situations and to be more self assertive.

It also helped me become aware of the things that really matter in my life.I definitely would recommend this program to anyone that would like assistance through a challenging time."

Wendy Fayad | Restaurant Owner | Counsellor | Student 

"When I first approached Marion I felt extremely helpless career-wise and lost in terms of the direction my life was heading. Marion helped me practice mindfulness; increased my self-awareness and boosted my resilience. After only 8 sessions with Marion, I developed a sense of confidence that enabled me to apply myself to all situations, which has encouraged me to enrol in the degree I always wanted to do. Thank you so much Marion for all your support. You care for your clients truly and faithfully and I am so honoured to have had someone so wise and compassionate as my personal coach."

Louise Daniels | YWCA | Operations Manager

“ I participated in the 8 week Mindfulness Course which focussed on professional resilience, leadership and change management in the workplace. I found Marion to be extremely insightful and down to earth. I gained valuable insight into assessing work relationships, managing stress and decision making. I learned to meditate and now practise this daily, but more importantly, I regained my self-confidence and made some positive decisions throughout my eight week course. Huge thanks to Marion for support, empathy and kindness. I would recommend Marion to anyone wishing to learn mindfulness and gain balance in their life.”

Caitlin | Uni Student

"Marion is a warm, welcoming and empathetic professional and I thoroughly enjoyed working with her on specific areas of concern in my life. After completing the 8-week mindful based coaching I am now less stressed and feel my life is more well-rounded and balanced. I have gained valuable tools and skills to assist me in working through future challenges in all areas of my life. I found that regular sessions, working through the program and the meditation practice incorporated into the program, gave me clarity about my needs and desires, and assisted me in maintaining boundaries to stay true to my authentic self."

Richard Harrison | CTO | Bueno

"Marion is an incredibly talented and insightful coach who helped me become a more resilient, balanced and mindful person. During our sessions, I learned how to meditate effectively and developed strategies to help cope with life’s ups and downs - both are now an essential part of my everyday existence. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to reset their work/life balance, learn mindfulness and improve their leadership skills."

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