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Mindfulness Support Group

Join Our Weekly Online Mindfulness Support Community

The aim of these group sessions is to support each other in developing mindfulness, wellbeing & ways of living sustainably. Mindfulness can help you reduce stress & anxiety, cultivate a clear & calm presence & develop mind body connection with self, others & nature. Mindfulness can help you with relaxing your body, managing unhelpful thoughts & sensing into your natural awareness. Interpersonal mindfulness helps you feel supported & connected in your relationships.

Join us in practicing mindfulness meditation, contributing to kind conversations & sharing values of living sustainably in a community of like minded people. You must register on the website prior to the session. We meet every week live online at 12.30pm on Tuesday during the Victorian School Term. This weekly session is inclusive & everyone is welcome.

What is Mindfulness & Meditation?


Mindfulness is remembering our natural capacity to be present & aware of our inner experience & how we are relating to ourselves, each other, nature & the outside world. Mindfulness is characterised by equanimity, compassion & wisdom & including the absence of being overly reactive to what is going on around us.


Mindfulness meditation is the formal practice of focusing attention and expanding awareness with curiosity & non-judgment. It involve learning formal systematic meditations & informally 'checking in', developing skills & cultivating attitudes that help connect mind, body & emotions and give rise to insight.

Mindfulness is often practiced with intention of self-understanding, acceptance, compassion & wisdom. Mindfulness research has found mindfulness meditation can reduce stress, anxiety, depression & pain. It can also help develop your resources for resilience, creativity and living an authentic and more sustainable life.

How Does the Weekly Mindfulness Meditation Group Work?


The online session will run for one hour on Zoom during the Victorian school term. The session will involve a small talk on the theme & settling into mindfulness meditation. Following on from practice you can participate in a facilitated sharing & reflecting on experience & exploring the theme related to the mindfulness, wellbeing or an aspect of living sustainably. You do have to register for the sessions via the green button below. The class will only run if there are registered participants.  

Day: Tuesdays during Victorian School Term

Time: 12.30pm-1.30pm

Cost: $55 per month Subscription (includes 1 free session and up to 4 sessions per month)

$25 one off session