Poetry by Marion Miller

Bathing Ritual

Body of warm water softening every aching that longs for stillness like a call to return to the moments before the dawn of time.

Bubbles pop and the clear blue reveals itself to the limbs slightly pink from the soaking goodness of scent and oils.

Mind wanders from dreamscapes and walks through the wilderness lost. Senses opening and there is surrendering to the unfolding uncertainty, falling groundless.

The sanctuary and the ritual of refuge begins with sounds and feelings of flow and fluid. Water the great wise teacher holds the body gently within life’s elements where sensory and perception connect and become wondering mind.



Clear Eyes

The pond settled, water evens out to glass.

And now presence has come into being.

Peacefulness beneath the passing ripples gently on the surface.

Knowing the depths, unafraid I look lovingly

upon sorrow and it passed like a tide.

Who, who, who are you?


Love is within

encompassing my body

radiating light

heating skin

sparking mind

polishing soul.

Creative heart

You hold so you hurt

You care so you cry

You come into joy

at the moment

allowing expression.

You're not alone

Hearing your cries my heart aches. I too know what it is like to lose things and I want you to know that this shedding is preparing you for something new friend.


Returning to the familiar with strangely new eyes.

Lots of learning to digest.

Let us marinate and permeate together. Difficult to fathom the size of the cloth woven into this experience. 

A lifetime is hardly even a blink in time.


Seaside and rolling meadows your soft song awaits my dance.

The blue delights and brings gentle calm from wild places.

The greeeness refreshes the spirit of lush growth.

This combination balances and I long to rest.

Fluid and solid, flowing and stable. 

Dance Vow

Deliciously the body moves to tell the story.

Wrapping around the notes like honey dripping

into warm milk and hips soften. Feelings unfold from

deep places hidden carefully within.

The energy heats up and melts me and the music softens my soul. The clothes come off and skin opens to pleasure.

My body knows how to create a movement with meaning.

I allow it. Seeking in this temple of trust I pray. 

To discover truths truths locked inside my heart.

The beating freedom invites releasing itself from the bind of memory forgotten.

The light flows through each cell dancing to the sound of nature. The dark places soften and rest in their familiar spaces like damp moss on a rock washed by sea water.

All in harmony the waves crash and retreat.

Oceans within

The vastness of this seascape

helps me slowly lose my mind.

It's so quiet and the subtle sound echos through the space contained within.

But the edges are gone, all smooth and bathed in warm sunshine. 

No ends and no beginnings just flowing stillness.

The continuation of life does not know limits.

Death washed up on the shore for us to contemplate again.

Rock Zen

Smooth and rounded and perfectly clean and pure. 

My toes step and curl around your circle of life. 

Shapes all alike yet all slightly different. 

Colours of grey, calm and quiet.

No fuss, no noise, just peaceful rockfulness.

Solid like a rock.