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5 reasons why a side hustle might be right for you

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

Long gone are the days when job for life security was the norm. We now live in a world where business ‘transformations’ regularly occur, resulting not only in significant workplace change, but also job losses. The one sure thing in this climate is that job security, however you define it, is entirely up to you to create, and that might mean considering a side hustle.

The great thing about considering a side hustle is that you can still have a full-time job and time for exploring other options. Take Jayne, for example: sports teacher by day, fitness instructor and lifestyle coach, evenings and weekends. The opportunities are limited only by your imagination. It’s also a great way to channel your inner creativity and discover strengths and talents that you’ve been hiding away!

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider the benefits of a side hustle.

Discover your unrealised strengths.

Having a side hustle can unearth talents that you may not have other wised discovered. For example, you are the go-to person in your social circle for putting together killer outfits at rock bottom prices. Start a Blog to share where the best bargains are and how to get ‘the look’. You might discover that writing is a passion and a talent you didn’t know you had. The flow on effects can be well worth it too. You are having new experiences and building new skills that can support you in other areas of your life, including future career paths that may open up.

More money for SHOES….or sensible savings for investments!

There’s no doubt about it, a side hustle can bring in extra coin that really makes a difference to your disposable income. Whether you have a goal to save for the future, or your dream holiday experience, you’ll have greater financial freedom to make decisions that enrich your life.

Safety Net

We already established that there’s little or no job security these days. Having a financial buffer can alleviate the worry over meeting your expenses in the event of a job loss, plus you never know – your side hustle might just lead to a new full time career.

Supercharged Goal Achievement

If you are feeling a little directionless in life, this may be the right time for a change. A side hustle will get you focused on your goals, and require you to structure your time more efficiently to accommodate it. It’s a great way to kick start your goals and keep the momentum going.

Brand You

This is a super effective tip however you achieve it. Everything you do communicates a message to your key stakeholders. Think of yourself of as brand and you as the CEO. It’s a smart mindset that will help you thrive throughout your career. How can you communicate your unique talents and gifts to the market? If that all sounds too hard, start by asking friends and colleagues what they think you are known for. Consider your work achievements and experiences; what are the skills, strengths, talents and passions that make you unique, including your entrepreneurial side hustle? Create a super slick brand statement that represents all that is authentically you. Make sure you ‘live’ that brand through you attitude and actions.

So, what talents and passions could you turn into a side hustle?


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