Birthdays and Beginners Mind

Updated: Nov 10, 2018

August is my birthday month and while it is a reminder I'm a year older (ekkk)  it also is a moment to reflect on beginners mind, since birthdays are a celebration of beginnings. The concept of beginners mind invites the child-like curiosity of sensing into the moment to moment experiences with openness, eagerness and without pre conceived ideas. What's beautiful about beginners mind; a foundational attitude of mindfulness is that it offers freedom from views and allows things to be fresh, full of wonder, beauty and excitement. Beginners mind let's us listen more deeply and see more clearly.

Beginners mind is the practice of unknowing and an invitation to dance in the mysteries of life.

Beginners mind is not just a concept it is a practice, a way to approach life and learning. It allows us to drop expectations and assumptions and open up to the fullness of experience, the details you might otherwise miss, and the temporary, fleeting, preciousness of every passing moment.

• Beginners Mind can help you be less clouded by judgments

• You can experience better relationships instead of applying pre-concieved ideals to people • Less anxiety because anxiety is about some future worry and with beginners mind you open yourself up to possibility

How to practice beginners mind:

1. Sit in a dignified posture that's comfortable and relaxed.

2. Pay attention to your body and breath.

3. Open up to each new moment with freshness and curiosity.

4. When you notice you're having ideas and pre conceived thoughts and the mind wandering, try noticing it rather than being swept away by it.

5. See if you can let those ideas and thoughts go by refocusing on the breath and what is here right now to be sensed in the present body.

The practice of beginners mind can be done anytime, anywhere. Perhaps you may like to try it now?

Join us on the 8th September for Mindfulness 101 Workshop and we'll guide you to Beginners Mind and other mindfulness based practices.

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