Coaching Tools & Practices for Setting Yourself up for Sustained Success

What is your morning routine?

Early morning routines can set you up for success and strengthen your will power. A good leader knows it's the little habits you do everyday with consistency that lead to sustained success in the long term. Living and working mindfully with balance and moderation requires you to have discipline and will power. There is much research to show that sustained high performance takes commitment, clarity, energy and focus. Commitment is about honouring your non-negotiables- that is the practices that resource your energy flow and behaviours that action your goals. Clarity is about understanding your dream life and work vision and focus is about attending to the vision daily. Energy is the emotional element that fuels everything.

Todays blog is all about managing your morning routine or habits and I am sharing these coaching tips I've accumulated from working with 100s of leaders and reading 100s of research papers and books on the subject. This is my working list of tools and practices that help the most with resourcing energy, focussing the mind and cultivating commitment.

If the routine becomes habitual its good to have psychological flexibility and mix it up. Weekends you can give yourself a sense of release from the routine or try some of the practices in the evening or during the day too. You want to remain open to growth, expansion and ease and this requires you to find your balance in all things.

Here’s some common ways to greet the new day with focus, energy and balance.

• Try to wake up around the same time to set your body clock and stabilise your circadian rhythm.

• Meditation in the morning can help you increase positive emotions associated with regulating anxiety, reducing busy mind and improving pain tolerance.

• Give thanks for your life and work. Connect with nature by doing a little ritual. Checking into the morning sunrise, hear the birds waking and smell the morning air opens the mind body up to possibility.

• Move the body with a run, walk the dog, dance in nature, yoga routine, lazy stretches in bed, PT session in the park or fitness app. Get the heart rate up and circulation flowing.

• Sit down for coffee and breakfast and engage with loved ones or pets. This takes the edge off rush hour and helps everyone feel connected as you move into the day.

• Devote some time to journalling, reading, planning, or prioritising your day so it runs smoothly. Set an intention and write work goals to help you achieved it. (To-do-ist is a great productivity app)

• Sing in the car or practice rolling ohm’s on the way to school drop off and work. I find this one gets everyone smiling, helps you find their inner voice and puts you all in a good mood.

PS Weekend routines might include extras like sleepins, savouring with a good book, cuddles & breakfast in bed. Healthy doses of self compassion on a Saturday morning can lead to shifting awareness from work focus to family life, helping you be present for those you love. For more on career and leadership coaching visit the website.

Image: Pinterst