Collecting Joyful Moments

In my experience from coaching practice it's our daily habits that have powerful influence over our lives. One of the tools I helps clients with is a focus on developing sustaining daily habits that resource you and give you energy. When I talk about energy I am also talking about emotion and one that is often overlooked is Joy. Joy is defined as being evoked by a state of wellbeing, good fortune or success and a source or cause of delight.

Joy is sometimes laden with guilt and associated with things out of our control and that just serendipitously happen to us. In truth joy can be generated from simple things and found in everyday moments. I got myself a joy journal this week and starting a practice of daily JOY journalling prompts and curious about developing more experiences of joy in my life. Todays blog will share some tips I've been gathering up on collecting moments of joy as a practice.

  1. Set an intention - In the morning before you start your day have a ritual that helps you set an intention to be more aware of joyful experiences. If we bring our attention to joyful things it can act as a powerful buffer against the things that deplete us.

  2. Plan for joy - A step beyond setting your intention you can deliberately plan something in your day you know feels joyous. Perhaps that is coffee withy a friend, picking flowers or smiling at complete strangers on the train.

  3. Connection - Our connection to other people can be a source of joy so reach out and share your joy and make it reciprocal. In positive psychology the feedback loop of sharing of sharing joy and other positive emotions is said to be indicator of longevity in relationships.

  4. Decorate - Bring joy to home, personal style and office through decorating it with objects that spark joy. Appreciating your surroundings with a sense of joy helps you slow down and delight in what you're consuming and the space you're living and working in affirms joy.

  5. Move your body - Since joy is both a psychological and bodily sensation of sustained wellbeing and satisfaction it can help to be active. Opening body language can encourage the expression of joyful emotion leading to contentment.

  6. Acceptance - Shit happens and there is a lot we can't control, in fact some might even say control is an illusion. Accepting that we can't control somethings is necessary to allow joy into your life and to let go of suffering. it is also important to recognise there is no constant state of happiness.

  7. Lighten up - Is your practice too serious? Yes there is a lot of suffering in the world at any given time but we don't need to continuously suppress our celebration of life because of underlying sense of guilt about being aware there is also suffering. Spaciousness can help us hold our reality more lightly.

  8. Delight- Practice delighting in others and looking for the beauty and goodness in all people and things. By doing this us we make others feel joy and joy is also reflected back at us.

  9. Mindfulness - When we are present in our mind and body we can feel like we are at home in ourselves fully. From such deep belonging to ourselves and nature, including all our imperfections we can get in touch with the conditions of happiness any time, anywhere and craft our joyful moments. The sense of wonder from staying present will come naturally and help us generate more joy.

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