Developing a polished USP

USP is an acronym for Unique Selling Point.

Your #USP is the unique thing that you offer. It's your "Competitive Edge." It's the reason why customers buy from you, and not your competitors. Finding your USP will help you succeed in business because your USP is authentic and unique to you or your product or even how it is delivered. Your USP will help your customers identify what’s different about you and your #business. Competitors may try to copy if it’s a good one but the original is often the first and the best!

Let’s look at few different ways you can start developing your USP in business coaching. Fill in your answers to following questions to help develop your USP.

1. If you have existing customers find out why they love working with you and why they stay with you. You might like to do a online survey using Survey Monkey or simply ask them and explain you’re trying to understand your customers more so you can develop your services or product. If you don't have existing customers look at the marketplace you want to serve, find out where they graze, introduce yourself and offer them something in return for information about what they want from their service provider.

2. Try zoning in on a particular group of people or type of product. For example I only work with professionals from the business or corporate world or sell programs in 4 and 8-week packages. People often look for industry specific services, or it could be a specific product like "WordPress" websites or "Career" coaching. Sometimes clients are busy and can't make it in person or are travelling oversees. For these people I offer the service online which provides a USP through the delivery method.

3. Really start to understand your target market and what their needs, anxieties and fears are. You might discover on top of business services your customers really need support and you can offer a product and services that somehow uniquely combines both these things. For example my clients are often high performers but also really hard on themselves and can get tied up in knots with stress. Having a goal orientated way of working but with mindfulness and self-compassion practices helps them find a more balanced approach. There is often a good match if you have also been in their position in the past and have managed to master or overcome their pain point.

3. What’s your company's purpose? Why does your organisation do what you do? This is a huge differentiator that competitors will have trouble copying. Check out Simon Sinek’s Why Video for valuable exercises with purpose

4. Do you incorporate new technologies? Think an online booking system, an app, blog, video and extra value with digital information relevant to their needs. I use Insight Timer for delivering my meditations and also connecting my clients with a global mindfulness community. Why develop your own when you can build strategic alliances with existing brands?

5. Provide options and extra added value in your product or service bundles. What is it and what needs does it full fill for your customer? How can they upgrade it if they want more?

Now your USP will begin take shape you can test it in the marketplace through different communication channels and through imagery on your digital sites.

Go ahead and start to tell your customers what they will receive that is unique when they purchase your product or service. For more on business or career coaching contact Marion for free introductory consultation to coaching.

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