Don't take it personal!

Updated: Nov 10, 2018

Self doubt can prevent you from reaching your full potential and when you’re in business or a leadership position you’re wresting with and having to navigate moments of relentless uncertainty. But listening to the voice of self doubt will only get you stuck in negative emotions and commentary and sometimes unable to move forward.

Keep your eye focussed on what is bigger than you, your work, your contribution, your goals and get out of your own way. There is alw

ays something to be done and if you focus on the work and doing it you will get through the periods of self-doubt. Everyone has fear that whispers, calling you back to the safe and familiar; but you get to choose what you listen to and how you respond.

In my own work practice I have come to know this voice of fear as a motivation. It only arrives when I am going through change and therefore is a messenger things are moving.  To balance my mind and emotional state I use self compassion and mindfulness practice to find a sense of peace and stillness and I focus on what i do know and can control and allow the rest to emerge in it’s own time as it will. By the time it does I come to know it and the fear disappears. Failure is always an option, I am a perfectly imperfect human being and know I can’t grow without mistakes so have to allow myself this privilege too and reward myself for the processes not just the outcomes!

Trying something new will always feel uncomfortable but if it was a breeze would it even be worth it? Isn’t it when we are most challenged and have to use our energy for a greater good cause that we feel most fulfilled and accomplished? Knowing self-doubt or fears are part of the process of change you can be sure that they will eventually go away and you will grow into your new skin and new eyes! 

There are several ways you can move through change supported and the most obvious one is in coaching. We offer an 8 week coaching program for personal, career, executive or even workplace coaching that is facilitated in groups. Coaching will help you connect, build your self awareness, gain resiliency with your own vulnerabilities, know your strengths and help optimise your approach to work and life while reducing stress levels effectively. Find out more about coaching here. 

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