Eat Mindfully

Mindful eating is not so much about what you eat, rather it’s about how you eat. We can try it this morning with your breakfast or some other meal you have today. Find a comfortable position, prepare your food and let’s begin. Traditionally this meditation is done with a couple of raisins but it can applied to any type of food and everyday eating. Try journalling some of the responses.

  1. Begin by touching the food and approaching it like you’ve never seen it before.

  2. Then start seeing the food, examine every part of it and seeing what you can notice.

  3. Move on to smelling the food, does it have a scent? Let your attention be filled with its aroma.

  4. Place the food in your mouth, noticing where you place it and the position of your tongue.

  5. Without chewing explore the taste and feel of having it on your tongue.

  6. Gently bite into it and start chewing slowly noticing the release of flavour and texture as a result.

  7. Notice the intention to swallow as it arises in the mind before you actually start the swallowing process. And then allowing swallowing to begin exploring the body as the food travels within.

This practice will give you some insight into your eating habits and automatic responses to food and eating. Your relationship with food and eating will have an impact of the food/drink choices you make. If you’re more aware and less reactive you will be able to slow down the eating process, appreciate your food more and make wiser choices about what you eat.

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