Evidence-Based Leadership & Life Coaching: A Key to Sustained Personal Change

The decision to work with a coach is usually the result of long standing desire to affect change in some part of your life, leadership or work. Leadership & Life Coaching services are for people who want to work on personal wellbeing, repairing or supporting relationships, lifestyle or some kind of change in their professional life. The coaching industry has seen a giant boom and there's lot of people calling themselves life coaches with none or very little coaching training - it's unlikely they are going to be able to help you through change.

Finding the right leadership & life coach means you have to do some research and finding a life coach who has undertaken a University degree in coaching will mean their approach is underpinned by an evidence base. It also helps if your life coach is a member of the ICF and abides by their ethical standards set out by a global regulatory body - this will mean they are connected with an organisation promoting excellence. A Life Coach with professional coaching experience means they will be equipped to help you with leadership and career growth as well as personal coaching. Then you might want to explore the specific methodologies your coach uses and make sure you're aligned with their underlying philosophies and this can best be done by calling them and asking them a few interview questions to see if there is a fit.

Evidence-Based Coaching Theories Include:

The Psychodynamic Approach to Coaching

Cognitive-Behavioural Approach to Coaching

The Solution-Focussed Approach to Coaching

Humanistic Approach to Coaching

The Gestalt Approach to Coaching

Narrative Coaching

Systems Thinking Approach to Coaching

Transpersonal Coaching

Positive Psychology Approach to Coaching

A Life Coach can help you see your challenge from lots of different angles for example how something impacting your wellbeing might ripple out into your personal relationships and organisation. Life Coaching can also help you see how to nurture relationships that matter, help people feel seen and like they have a voice and discover ways to have a positive impact in your community, workplace and environment. Exploring strengths and values and aligning your actions will mean you feel a greater sense of meaning and purpose in your life and work.

Evidence-based Leadership and Life Coaching can help you work with your unique life stage, foster more self-awareness and wellbeing and help you expand your effectiveness working with inclusive and diverse cultures. A good Life Coach doesn't provide you with advice, answers or solutions but rather asks questions so that you might find them for yourself.