How Authentic Leadership Coaching Can Transform Workplaces

Authentic leaders have good morals and know who they are and what they believe in. They act on their values and beliefs transparently. This candid style of leadership builds trust and people come to know they can rely on them to be consistent in sharing information, encouragement and staying true to their ideals. Trust is the glue than helps relationships bond and when leaders inspire their people to build trust a sense of community among groups starts to form.

5 qualities we focus on in authentic leadership coaching are purpose (your why), values (acting on what you care most about), relationships (strong connection), habits (be consistent in good and challenging times) and heart (experiencing empathy and compassion). Authentic leaders are self-aware and balance their own and the organisations needs with a long term vision and they are not afraid of showing their vulnerability and being humble. Leaders really do set the tone for the whole organisation so coaching in the workplace can help manage the type of culture you want to build by being intentional about cultivating authentic leadership.

Lets look more closely at the 5 essential qualities of authentic leadership coaching:


Knowing your purpose is like having a meaningful reason for why you do what you do. Simon Sinek Know your why activity can help you discover your why. A purpose connects with your primal emotion, is often experienced in non-verbal cues and you feel passion and energy when you bring it to mind. It is linked to something meaningful you can set about with a vision you aspire to.


Your values make up your ethical framework and the things you care most about and they help determine the best course of action to take. Aligning your values with behaviour in leadership coaching helps your actions and goals be congruent with who you are and reduces conflicts and ethical dilemmas.


Relationships with a strong foundation of trust build connection through teams of people. When you consistently act with integrity and transparency people notice and trust develops. Mindfulness coaching can help people slow down, listen and connect with psychological safety that is necessary for trust.


Helpful habits that become consistent get results. In good times and challenging times the things we continue to do like our mindfulness practice can help see us through the ups and downs and this can become a great strength for leadership.


Authentic leadership can be enhanced through mindfulness coaching that builds ones capacity for empathy and compassion. By being able to tune into your own body and emotion you will begin to understand and feel into others and develop the ability to be aware of opportunities for compassion.

In the challenging times we live coaching in the workplace can help organisations develop their individual leaders authentically by investing in leadership coaching and mindfulness coaching. The process of group coaching not only develops the individual qualities I have spoken about in this article but it also develops a culture of sharing and builds the relationships in the leadership team so that everyone is working toward a sustainable common goal with taking care of the people front of mind.

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