Insights from Life Coaching Melbourne based clients over the past year.

With our headquarters being based in Hawthorn Melbourne, Marion Miller at The Coach Hub has attracted opportunities to coach some incredible high performing individuals looking for and crafting more meaning and fulfilment in their lives. Marion didn't grow up wanting to be a coach but she discovered in childhood there was something about her that longed to find a deeper meaning to this journey we call life and when she did she was compelled to build a career around it and share it with others.

Marion who has now been life coaching for almost 20 years, started her career in the hair and beauty industry but never felt particularly fulfilled. She's studied meditation in her early 20's and travelled extensively, teaching in Japan and spending time with indigenous communities around Australia where she grew into adulthood from the experiences. She began meditation teacher development training, journal writing and decided to become a certified Life Coach with a speciality in health and wellness, career coaching and business coaching. Having experienced trauma in her early 20's with the sudden loss of her mother and becoming a single mother of four years later, Marion spent a year re-purposing her life and searching for a more authentic pathway. After Marion returned to studies in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, informally in the Insight meditation tradition and at university she knew it was time re-launch her coaching practice and has since helped thousands of Australian individuals and also workplaces become purpose-driven.

Growth, change or transformation is never easy but deciding to remain fixed in identification patterns of thinking or behaving that leave you exhausted and dissatisfied is no way to live your truly precious life. At some point we need to make a choice to empower ourselves to do things differently or as the saying goes we will continue to get the same results. We all have a default conditioning that becomes our habits and this is by no means an easy thing to overcome. Self-awareness is the key to understanding your (mind, emotional, behavioural) patterns and the opportunity to get spaciousness to orient your life differently. We have an inbuilt system called the reticular activating system (RAS) in our brain that will try and keep us in our default conditioning but it can be overcome. Then some experimentation is required where a growth mindset can help you move forward through learning mistakes, fear of change and help you persist resiliently.

One client Marion did Life Coaching in Melbourne with in 2019 discovered through the process of mindfulness-based coaching that she continuously sabotaged her career by putting her family life and career up against each other and held herself to extremely high standards in both. Her default conditioning was so subtle that even in coaching the first few sessions this pattern played out until she reached a breakthrough and saw it clearly for what it was. She was then able to be more intentional and kinder to herself and build a plan that did not put her career and family in conflict with one another but rather harmonised the two seamlessly. This process allowed a fresh sense of joy and creativity to emerge and she is now designing an exciting new start up business.

Another client came to career coaching after experiencing difficulties in their workplace and taking time off work all together to recover from mild traumas cause by a toxic workplace. The experiences left her questioning her work future and returning to study became a viable option for new growth. Navigating the task of starting a completely new role and anxieties from being a novice, the life coaching and career coaching was focussed on drawing on her existing strengths and allowing herself to begin again with confidence that she already had many of the skills being required of her despite the change in appearance of the role.

Mindfulness-Based Life Coaching was a fantastic framework Marion used to help a client overcome relationship difficulties that really impacted her wellness, self-esteem and confidence. Again there were some habitual default patterns this client needed to see before allowing herself to have off days without spiralling downward. Having greater ease with the ups and downs and listening more closely to energy levels and her own mind and bodily needs she was able to really transform herself over the months into someone who was ready to confidently take on a new major life change knowing she had life skills to remain balanced.

Leadership and Life Coaching helped a client prepare herself for an executive interview process at an organisation she had been working with for several years. Building a vision and business case around her authentic leadership helped her discover that despite any weakness she cared deeply, had valuable strategies to offer, was passionate about making a difference and ready to step into the leadership space. Learning some mindfulness skills to bring spaciousness to communicating and step back from conflicts that arise helped her stay focussed on the task of influencing the panel, connecting ethically to her values and also clarifying the opportunities in her role and future success.

2020 Melbourne Life Coaching practice is set to reopen with many of our clients returning for their 8-week Empower Coaching programs. Marion is approaching this year with a simple fresh intention of helping clients connect to their personal intentions and goals by helping them navigate, become aware of and overcome the habits that keep them stuck. She is inviting new clients to get in touch via email or to book online where you will be prompted to fill in an intake form to begin exploring the coaching process. You can also take an advantage of a free 15 minute coaching call to connect and discover if life coaching or career coaching with Marion is right from you. Book yours in today. 2020 is a the start of a new decade, a period of time it takes to really master something. Perhaps this is a time you can make some changes in your life to set a new trajectory and orient toward meeting the challenges we face with power and strength to rise up to whatever it is that calls you forth meaningfully.

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