Key Steps For An Empowered Mindset

Empowerment gives you a sense of authority over your own life and helps you feel stronger and more confident in your decisions, actions and claiming your right. It's the what, when, how, why and what of it all. Empowerment is both liberating and challenging and helps you be intentional about things that matter to you.

Empowerment helps you connect your story, feelings, thoughts, behaviours and actions with the tools and information you need to succeed in life and work. Being empowered is like having a light to spark a big fire within you. When you feel empowered you're intrinsically motivated.

My own journey of empowerment has been long and winding but as I kept on learning and making mistakes I've discovered that if I never give up and believe in myself I will continue to grow. I am empowered to make a difference in my own life and others and everyday this expands more meaningfully. I can guarantee some of the following tips can help empower yourself and others.

Where to get started?

I recommend you make an empowerment pledge using a page in your journal and list a few points for each of the tips above. For example ask yourself what is my authentic story? Make a few points so you have a clear message to share. Then perhaps create a goal around it, for example, "I will share my story with Joe when I am explaining the new training program to him this week."

What other goals can you create from the empowerment tips? Being creative with your personal and professional development in the areas that are motivating is an effective way to build your confidence, performance and impact in the world.

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