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Embracing sickness: A Journey of reflection and wisdom

This week, I found myself confined to my home, battling a virus that led me to reflect on life, sickness, and the wisdom of the present moment. As I embraced the experience of slowing down and being with my illness, I discovered valuable insights about myself and the nature of sickness. In this blog, I'll share my reflections on the significance of rest, the beauty of the senses, the lessons from sickness, and the appreciation of time and family. Join me on this journey of self-discovery and contemplation.

I found myself embracing Rest and Slowing Down this week. I was forced to take a break from my usual busy routine. Though initially challenging, I realised the importance of rest and the value of surrendering to it. Often, we push ourselves relentlessly, but life isn't a war; it's okay to take a step back when needed. Listening to our bodies and accepting the care of others is not a weakness; instead, it fosters a sense of humility and allows us to model the importance of rest for others.

The power of the senses became really apparent when one was taken away from me. As I struggled with a blocked sinus, I became acutely aware of the significance of my senses, particularly my sense of smell. The scent of things brought a world of beauty and imagination, enriching my experience. When this dimension was momentarily lost, I felt a contraction in my consciousness. Furthermore, being unable to meditate and practice conscious breathing due to my blocked sinus taught me new levels of acceptance and mindfulness. Upon regaining my ability to breathe deeply, I noticed how my mind expanded as well.

I never imaged that I would receive lessons from sickness and be reflecting on the fact that even a virus is nature. This bout of illness prompted me to reflect on why it took me longer to recover this time. I realised that age has brought with it a deeper understanding of my body's needs and a greater willingness to rest. Instead of soldiering on, I embraced the time for recovery, realising that it's okay to take time off when necessary. As I journeyed through sickness, I felt a connection with nature and the changing seasons, particularly the process of "Winter clearing for Spring." This process of letting go, both physically and emotionally, has led me to gain clarity on what truly matters in my life and to trust in my own journey.

Slowly down it is natural to harness the gratitude for life and family. Amidst the illness, I found reasons to be grateful. The simple joy of being able to breathe properly again, the love and support of my family, and the celebration of my daughter's adulthood brought a sense of appreciation for life's precious moments. Family ties and shared experiences create lasting memories and give a new perspective on the passage of time.

With time to be exploring the world and my imagination, I delved into classical mythology, drawing inspiration from the stories of Greek and Roman gods and goddesses in lectures I have been doing with the National Gallery UK. As I took leisure in my studies and connected with the natural world during walks with my pet, I developed a heightened sensitivity to the changing light and scenery around me. This experience allowed me to imagine the language of the gods, making everyday moments magical and timeless.

This past week of illness has been more than just a physical setback; it has been a time of reflection and growth. Embracing rest, appreciating the senses, learning from sickness, and cherishing family have all played a significant role in my healing journey. As I step back into the world with a renewed zest for life, I carry with me the wisdom gained from this experience. May we all remember to slow down, appreciate the beauty around us, and embrace the present moment with gratitude and imagination.


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