Mindfulness Case Studies

The following is a collection of #mindfulness case studies we have put together from #corporate, #sports, #education and the #healthcare sectors. With a growing body of evidence to support mindfulness based integrations there is a clear business case for including mindfulness coaching as part of your workplace training and development. To find out more about Melbourne Coach’s Mindfulness Based #Coaching Programs, Workshops or #MBSR program contact marion@melbournecoach.com.au

Mindfulness in Corporations

Mindfulness director Peter Bostleman founded a Mindfulness program at SAP. Since it’s inception 3 years ago the training has grown to 1600= global attendees, a waitlist of over 3000 and 15+ mindfulness communities taught in 21 locations over 14 countries.  He started the pilot program in the USA, then another in Germany and the results were great, 6.54 out of 7 (1=poor/7=excellent) out of 100s of people who attended. 

SAP also did metrics directly after the program and a year on from the program and those who continued with the practices scored high on the resiliency and well-being charts. https://greatergood.berkeley.edu/profile/peter_bostelmann

Mindfulness in Sport

In an empirical test of a mindfulness based intervention for athletes, Kabat-Zinn, Beall, and Rippe (1985) found that, following mindfulness training, a group of college rowers performed well above their coaches expectations )based on experience level and physical ability), and a group of Olympic rowers, several of whom won gold medals, reported feeling that the training had helped improve their performance. http://psychology.cua.edu/res/docs/Pineau-Glass-Kaufman-Mindfulness-in-Sport-Performance-revised.pdf

Mindfulness in Education

A pilot trial of a mindfulness curriculum for adolescents reports the results of ‘Learning to BREATH’ a mindfulness curriculum for youth created for a classroom setting. The primary goal of the program is to support the development of emotional regulation skills through the practice of mindfulness. The total class of 120 seniors from a private girls school participated as part of the health curriculum. Relative to controls, participants reported decreased negative affect and increased feelings of calmness, relation, and self-acceptance. Improvement sin emotional regulation and decreases in tiredness and aches and pains were significant in the treatment group at the conclusion of the program. 

Mindfulness in Healthcare

Published in the journal of Paediatric Oncology Nursing, the study of nurses, social workers, physicians and psychologists caring for children with cancer in both the United States and at a hospital in Israel. In the journals, staff members wrote about how the mindfulness course lead to increased inner peace, and decreased stress and anxiety; because of the tools staff members learned in the mindfulness course, they were better able to relax their mind, and let go of negative thoughts. They also felt better able to handle the stressful situations, such as giving diagnoses to patients and their families. 

The staff wrote about having an increased awareness of their thoughts and actions, which enabled them to be more efficient in their work, focus and make goals. This awareness also helped them feel good about their work, as they were able to review their behaviour at the end of the say, and appreciate the effect of their work. https://greatergood.berkeley.edu/article/item/can_mindfulness_help_stop_health_worker_burnout

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