Mindfulness Coaching & Holistic Counselling: A non-directive & gentle approach to healing & change.

Finding a mindfulness coach and holistic counsellor is wonderful act of self-care and can be helpful with a few tools to guide your search. When you do a mindfulness coaching search in Melbourne on the internet you will see it has exploded with teachers, therapists and coaches all offering mindfulness as part of their tool kit. It's helpful to research and understand the type of training the provider has had and if they have recently picked it up as a service or have a life long personal practice and done continued extensive training that is recognised as a coaching certification.

There are many approaches to becoming certified in mindfulness including the gold standard international program developed by the highly respected teacher Doctor Jon Kabat-Zinn Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction. MBSR is an evidence-based program which means there is a body of research that supports its use in a clinical setting. We offer MBSR at The Coach Hub every Term with our next program available in February 2021, you can email us to go on the registration list or try a workshop taster before diving deeper.

Mindfulness is also offered as therapy but again make sure the therapist has a long history of personal practice and certification in an appropriate mindfulness training. Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy is an approach to therapy that is evidence based and often used for depression relapse and other mild mental health conditions. When I did my MBSR training with also did MBCT and offer MBCT approaches in our mindfulness coaching and holistic counselling sessions for individuals who want help with anxiety, depression, relationships and healing -find out more about it on the website.

Other mindfulness trainings include Mindful Self Compassion (MSC) and involve similar practices to MBSR and MBCT with an intentionally compassionate orientation and much shorter mindfulness meditation practices. When the co-founder Chris Germer came to Australia in 2017 I did the two day core skills training with him and Kathleen Cator; a leading Australian and Byron Bay based MSC teacher and Psychologist. In mindfulness coaching and counselling I often draw from MSC because it is really gentle and sustainable and a helpful approach for when clients are hard on themselves and tend to struggle with the longer stillness practices of MBSR. In my experience the MSC gives a helpful dose of compassion which can help soften resistance and used in a wise and caring way the MSC practices can deepen and expand mindfulness.

Vipassana Buddhist Meditation is also widely recognised as a mindfulness approach that is effective and many of these these teachers have had extensive training (often in India) and life long personal practices. The Insight Community has an international network of teachers and retreat centres where you can connect with a teacher and find out if it's right for you. Sometimes the Insight Teachers are also therapists or coaches and can offer other Buddhist psychology teachings that are present in MBSR trainings but not as explicitly. In Mindfulness Coaching and Holistic Counselling at The Coach Hub I combine my training in MBSR and MBCT with my coaching and counselling training.

I was introduced to mindfulness by an international Vedic teacher in my early 20s and began a practice soon after. Over the years I have done generalist meditation teacher training and dived deep into inner work with yearly Vipassana retreats, Hakomi Psychotherapy and Tibetan Buddhist Psychology studies. Doing my Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy Teacher Training really helped me expand my mindfulness knowledge and be a more skilful teacher, it also connected me with a worldwide community of students and teachers for support and an evidence based to build upon in my University research. I have also been introduced to eco-therapy teacher training and found this approach to be natural and wise along with Hakomi there are two approaches I am considering more training in. I have also done extensive training in mindfulness neuroscience and counselling at University as part of my degree. I have developed an artful approach to mindfulness coaching and counselling of my own that is adapted for each new client and the process unfolds in mindfulness.

Our clients have included the Supreme Court of Victoria, Swinburne University student services, Target Australia, Bueno Systems, leaders from medicine, education and business.We also work in the local community with mums, youth and have done some work in the non-profit sector. Our clients have found this approach to be life changing, sustaining and a beginning of a life long journey of deepening self-discovery, mental health and meaning making. If you're keen to know more about Mindfulness Coaching and Holistic Counselling sessions reach out to me for a discreet conversation or contact me via email.

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