Mindfulness in the Workplace

Mindfulness is not a new thing, it's an ancient practice that's stood the test of time. What is relatively new is that science is building more and more evidence in a secular framework to support what ancients discovered through their mindfulness practices. Now some workplaces are beginning to see the value in this pathway too.

Mindfulness helps your heart and mind be more open and attentive to the unfolding of your life.

Workplaces can encourage employees to practice mindfulness not only to take care of their mental health and wellbeing but to develop their productivity and performance; inevitably this will improve the overall culture of the company provided enough people participate and continue to practice.

During our 8-week Mindfulness Based Coaching Program we help employees discover mindfulness using a range of coaching activities and mindfulness practices related to their work situations so that mindfulness is not just an individual practice on the cushion (or mat) but a pathway to build personal resiliency, interpersonal skills and team cohesion. When employees learn to take better care of themselves they start taking better care of each other.

Our workshops and ongoing mindfulness coaching sessions share skills for life and work that employees can adopt to help them reset, bring out their strengths within the workplace and be more engaged with the business.

What does this look like within workplaces?

• Our workplace clients find that starting a meeting with a five minute mindfulness practice helps them start the meeting with a clear mind, and be more intentional about the focus of the meeting.

• Having a regular 1 hour professionally facilitated mindfulness session in the workplace gives permission to all employees to value their mental health and wellbeing. When managers attend these sessions it helps remove the perception of hierarchy and encourages a collaborative and agile culture. Companies we work with in this capacity find it helps them build a supportive, family environment at work.

• Shifting the context when you become aware you're feeling overwhelmed or stressed is another strategy our workplace clients find is helpful. This allows employees to step away, focus on a different task, get a fresh perspective and return when feeling more balanced.

How to get started?

8-Week Mindfulness Based Coaching Program

If you're new to mindfulness and want your company to dive into an immersive experience and build mindfulness into your workplace culture then we suggest you talk to us about the 8-week Mindfulness Based Coaching Program. It will empower your employees with a framework for developing mindfulness at work including practices around building awareness of habits, relationships, self-care, communication, emotions, cognitive flexibility, behaviour, movement, concentration and open awareness. Our mindfulness teachers are trained in MBSR/CT (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction/ Cognitive Therapy). There is lots of research and evidence to support MBSR/CT and it is considered the gold standard of mindfulness programs globally.


We offer 1-2 hour workshops that include mindfulness practice, inquiry and group coaching. You can do a 1 off workshop or book a package of them over a few months. This gives employees a chance to learn some of the practices and come away with some tools and strategies for developing their resiliency, wellness, performance and self-leadership. It is also a great way to get to know the Melbourne Coach team and how we work with you.

Ongoing Mindfulness Coaching

We offer collaborations with workplaces to provide their employees with weekly or fortnightly 1 hour group sessions. This gives employees a chance to learn and practice mindfulness, unpack their weekly challenges in a safe and supportive group coaching environment and discover new tools and strategies for developing their resiliency, wellbeing, performance and interpersonal relationships.

If you've been thinking about introducing mindfulness to your workplace and would like to chat with me about what might be the best approach for your organisation you're welcome to call me on 0423703960 or contact me via email marion@melbournecoach.com.au

The Bueno Melbourne team learning mindfulness meditation

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