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A Poem: Morning Nature Walk

Updated: Sep 15, 2018

Frosty morning demands presence, a freshness that bites at the sleepy mind; whispering “awaken”. Surrendering, I walk crisp under foot and careful over the icy bark and branches, glistening in nature.

The sun filters through skies, the expanding light sparkles vast and strong bringing with it the hope of warmth, softening and a melting from the cold night past.

The exhale of breath visible to the eye, then disappearing and gone. Inhale the sunlight, slowly and gently blanketing everything around. Inside receiving nature, and letting go the gradual change takes place without much resistance this time.

The next step is a new moment inwardly with its potential and unknowns resting at peace in the mystery. Letting night fall behind and walk clear into day, shoulders drop, back straightens, softens and a release all the way down the spine. A tender heart wells in the eyes, a tear filled with sweet rising gratitude for the innate beauty of this precious life. Earth's damp and the greenness of the grass bright and inviting a smile. An embodied step now belonging where it lands.

This pathway walked in nature, the essential nature is enough for now, being held by the great and fragile earth within the expanding universe is a familiar and gentle walk homeward bound.

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