New on The Block

I’m loving the new Melbourne Coach practice room at The Block Arcade; upstairs is a rabbit warren of corridors on multiple levels. We're on level 2 sharing the room with a brand designer called Godmother who is obsessed with Japanese culture and the room offers a lovely Zen aesthetic with an inviting couch for clients to relax. This is a perfect place for busy #professionals to take some time out from the hustle, be mindful and reflect on crafting their best life in #coaching. The Block is something else, in the morning I am often greeted with chimes of an antique clock, I'm reminded I'm in a place with a rich history and I couldn’t help being curious about the stories behind this iconic building.

It was called The Block because men used to walk around the block in one way and women in the opposing way as a tradition before the weekend VFL game. The Hopetoun tearooms opened in 1892 by the Victorian Ladies Work Association and was known for its large mirror which was a luxury for Victorian women because at the end of 19th century mirrors were very rare. Can you imagine having to go to the city to experience looking in a mirror? Hehe, this can be a bit like coaching! In 1889 when it was owned by the Georges Store, a fire damaged most of the building costing $400,000 and as a result the MFB was created.

In the 1920s there was a cultural change with the Barcay Boys; a youth gang making it a hive of criminal activity including connections to the infamous Squizzy Taylor, prostitution, drug dealing and extortion. There was four trumpeters, The Block Minstrels who paraded at Christmas serenading shoppers for over half a century! Apparently they still hire an Italian trumpeter at Christmas and the large clock in the foyer pictured above has two trumpeters on either side and plays a merry tune on the hour.

I do hope you'll come visit me and experience this unique setting for your next coaching session. Appointments available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Go well, Marion X

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