Online coaching tips to get your creative juices flowing during quarantine

A great way to combat boredom and keep your days interesting, fun and playful during quarantine is to engage in creativity. As some of you may know I am also an artist and have been making different forms of art since I was a child. The walls at home are decorated with paintings I have done over the years and our patio at home has been transformed into an art studio. The girls also enjoy making art, a couple of the girls are very gifted creatively and it has been a great way for all of us to fill our days in lock down and relieve boredom. One of my daughters created a list at the start of the isolation period and each time she's unsure what to do she can look to it for new ideas; it inspired me to write this blog for you all.

Create Something; a website dedicated to creativity explain, "Being creative means solving a problem in a new way. It means changing your perspective. Being creative means taking risks and ignoring doubt and facing fears. It means breaking with routine and doing something different for the sake of doing something different." Creativity can help with uncertainty and allow your thinking to adapt to the unknown. I use creativity in coaching all the time and now that I am doing all online coaching I have had to look at new ways to be creative too. You can be creative with an intention to solve a problem or challenge like isolation or simply just do it for fun and the sake of being creative.

Begin developing your creativity by being curious and experimental. Try letting go of thoughts about doing it right or wrong because creativity will require you to think outside pre-existing concepts or limiting ideas you have about your ability to be creative and embrace the present moment. Beginners mind is a great way to approach being creative. The universe is ultimately a creative and ever expanding energy so the idea is to open yourself up to flow of your essential life force by being embodied and sensually aware of it. Use your mindfulness practice to focus your attention on the physical body and emotional tone and see what thoughts and feelings come up for you without attaching to anything too restrictive. You might feel inspired by some kind of colour, tone or thought form and notice the urge to bring different elements of your imagination together into life. Give it ago and embrace the flaws and imperfections, put aside judgments and let anything that seems different or compelling to take shape. When something new is created there is always some tension because it is unfamiliar to us.

Ways to explore and express your creativity while at home in isolation:

1. Sketching with different size leads on A3 paper.

2. Close your eyes and practice allowing the pencil to flow with your breath.

3. Writing stories, poems, haiku or blogs. Share them with others on social media.

4. Filming short movies, comedy sketches, Tik Toks or Vlogs. Use iMovie to edit.

5. Create a blanket fort using blankets and clothesline pegs.

6. Use household items to create a sculpture challenge.

7. Make earth art using nature. Seeds, leaves, flowers, bark, grass and other items are ideal.

8. Make a puppet theatre and show.

9. Get creative in the kitchen with Hetty McKinnon

10. Perform a meaningful ritual using nature. For example set an intention for the day, make an offering to nature or the gods, express gratitude or make a pledge.

11. Study an art class online.

12. Make a sculpture using clay.

13. Join a creative group online.

14. Find ways to laugh, humour helps the creative process.

15. Get out your sewing machine and re-purpose old clothes by making some fresh new designs.

16. Knit something.

17. Learn an instrument, write a song and make music.

18. Create a photographic series.

19. Make Bath-bombs using natural ingredient and essential oils.

20. Do a creative make over and hairstyling.

Perhaps you have some other ideas to add in the comments? The ways in which we can be creative are endless.The most important thing is to get started and let go of critical thinking that you are not creative enough because everyone has some ability to be creative if we allow just ourselves to be. I'll be exploring creativity in our Wednesday mindfulness circle in the coming weeks so join us for online coaching if you're free at 10am. Register here.

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