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Recharging 2021: The Benefits of Mindfulness in the New Year

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Having a slow start to the New Year is an opportunity to double down on our commitment to mindfulness and take a deep rest before we get back to working life.

Today's blog shares some of the ways you can practice living mindfully, have greater self understanding, transform long held patterns and be intentional.

Mindful Mornings

In mindfulness coaching and holistic counselling I always talk about having a stable non-negotiable morning routine that helps you ease into the day with some deep breaths, intention setting and stretches before checking social media, emails, having coffee and starting your day.

Reset Mindfully

During your day take 5-10 mins periodically to check in with your breath, identify how your body feels, what thoughts are present and what your mood is like. Just the simple practice of being aware and accepting can help you reset and be more present.

Walking Mindfully

When you are going about your day walking from one place to the next do so in an accepting and present way. Notice your feet pressing into the earth, your internal landscape and take your steps gently and intentionally.

Mindful Habits

Mix up your mindfulness practice by finding one or two activities you do everyday and making them mindful practices. Things like brushing your teeth, sipping a cup of tea, reading a book to your child or having a heartfelt conversation with your partner can be done mindfully with awareness.

Mindfulness Meditation

Choose a time of day to start a meditation practice and begin with about 15-20 minutes practice time. You may like to use a free app like Insight Timer to set a bell timer or discover some the recorded guided meditations from teachers all over the world.

Mindful Relationships

Interpersonal mindfulness is at the centre of counselling relationships. It can be done with your partner or friend by bringing awareness and gentleness to the experience of dialogue and relating. Try opening up and listening and noticing your reactions, impulse patterns of connection and separation, empathy and compassion arising, thoughts or judgments and how an awareness of your own state can help.

Mindful of Values

When an issue arises or you find you're in a dilemma of some kind, pause and slow down your breathing and bring to mind your top 5 values. Values usually help us zoom out from fight or flight reactions and help connect us with our bigger vision so we can take wise action we won't regret later on.


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