Reclaiming Your Sisterhood

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

The key to growth socially, in the workforce and government rests in the hearts and minds of modern women. Women are rising up to stand together united with a focus on making change in the world and we have our work cut out. We've seen it in the #MeToo movement, in the arts, sport and business, we've seen it in politics recently with flocks of powerful women like Jacinda Adern, Angela Merkel and Alexandria Ocascio-Cortez taking up their place at the table and demanding change. Change is coming faster than ever now, our truth is being heard, growing louder and sparking wild fires of freedom and equality across our earth. World leading men from Barack Obama to the Dalai Lama have expressed that when women are empowered, nations are more safer, compassionate and prosperous.

I first began my journey of empowerment with learning through travel experiences. As a young adult in my late 20s I travelled around the coast of Australia and then I lived in Japan for one year; experiencing indigenous and eastern culture shifted my sense of identity and expanded my world view profoundly. This experiential learning, immersed in culture unlike my own grew my curiosity and I began to question the status quo. In my 30s I returned to school to learn from a place of knowing what I wanted to contribute and had an insatiable appetite to be an agent of change. I found empowerment in deep meditation through listening to my heart and mind and developing a growing self-awareness. Through my thoughts, emotions, bodily sensations, I saw behavioural patterns born out of reaction and had kept me in victim cycles of suffering and disempowerment. I gave the pain space, the anxiety of judgement and desire to fix me began to slip away and what rose up in its place was my truth; acceptance, love, hope and a growing ability to discern. I also discovered I could choose to respond to challenges with courage and the embodied awareness, knowing my value and place in the world; my birthright. Remembering and researching the women who came before has helped shaped me, my grandmothers resilience a resource I call on within. Gathering stories of sisters young and old has helped me learn to weep and weave a sense of belonging to our sisterhood. Far too big and deep to walk alone, I find purpose in our shared vulnerability and courage.

What is women’s empowerment? Empowerment for women happens when we can control our own lives and claim our rights with strength and confidence.

Charting a way forward for women to lead is not an easy pathway, for centuries we've been kept silent, our bodies have been ravaged and objectified, our power oppressed; we carry the trauma of our ancestors in flesh and bone. To change the world we must cry together, we must give voice to our heartbreak, express our pain and anger in the presence of men and children. But most of all we must stir up the numbing and disempowering of women. In connection we can give our pain expression, release and a space to heal and grow strong.

The sisterhood is the way of our ancestors and we can reclaim our right to give and receive the nourishment such a commune brings, where we can listen to our hearts and bodies, rest in our collective consciousness and call on our magic to transmute powerful energy into creativity, passion and purpose. With the courage of forgiveness we can let go and wake up compassion and wisdom so we may write the next chapter of the story and give generations of girls to come an empowered dream they can feast on, learn from and become.

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