The Life Coaching Guide to Being Well & Thriving

After more than 15 years helping people in Melbourne and online, discover their roadmap to living and working with courage and purpose I've been able to gleam some absolute gems in life coaching. What helps human potential be realised, embodied and expressed? In Life Coaching that's what we explore, discover and expand and while every individual life has a unique and authentic pathway, here's some things that are common to us all.

Today I'm giving you an exclusive insight into my 8-week Empower Life Coaching Program so you too can focus on 8 areas that are going to help you grow and shine. Are you ready to take the plunge and work in partnership with me as your leading Life Coach, empowering, inspiring and motivating you to live your best life?

8 Life Coaching Steps to help You Be Well & Thrive

Be Present

The present moment is where live unfolds, it's where opportunities present and where the freedom to respond to your life arises. I try to facilitate Life Coaching sessions in the present moment and show you skills and practices to orient life with authentic presence and mindfulness.

Sustaining Wellness

Health and wellness underpin your whole experience and without health and wellness, life and work can be even more challenging. Health and wellness includes physical, emotional, mental, social, intellectual, financial and spiritual dimensions as well as a good balance of them all.

Craft Your Mindset

Anchor your mindset to reflect your strengths and values and learn how to centre yourself around what changes matter most. Breakthrough mental barriers and train your mind to maximise your creative potential in every decision, performance and opportunity.

Live Your Passion

Discover what you're passion about and then embody it everyday. Living your passion is joyful, creative and rewarding, keeps your heart open and strong and gives you a sense of purpose that can resource you when times get tough and challenging. Living your passion can also help you connect and inspire others.

Bounce Forward

Transform your setbacks, pain and obstacles into opportunities for growth. healing and overcoming. Let the challenges of your life push you deeper into purpose and draw meaning from the past rather than being bound by it or trying to move away from it.

Set & Achieve Goals

Accelerate your growth by intentionally crafting a strategy, setting SMART goals, tracking progress, reflecting and celebrating and savouring your accomplishments. Discover the key to making goals meaningful and fun by being playful and gaming the process.

Connection & Community

Rather than always focussing on the individual self, discover the true meaning of connection by nurturing relationships and your connection to community. Part of caring for ourselves means caring deeply for our living connection to nature and other humans who share in it.

If this sounds like a Life Coaching Program that is right for you take some time to read the testimonials of our past clients and hear their stories of healing, change and growth. We are based in Camberwell and offer Career and Life Coaching programs in Melbourne but also online across Australia and around the world. Don't leave your authentic life pathway up to chance take the first step and reach out to me and find out more here.