The Wellspring Within

Most of our lives are incredibly crammed with activities, we spend days at work striving to complete tasks and make progress and on our weekends we're juggling kids and all their activities. Where does our own self-reflection and care fit in to this hectic mix? A silent day retreat offers the opportunity to slow down care for yourself in a simple yet nourishing way through meditation and mindfulness practices.

With a structured program to guide you through walking, sitting, movement, exploring nature and interpersonal mindfulness the only thing that's required of you is the commitment to be silent and surrender to your inner experience. As you do these practices you can become more aware of the layers we add to our past experience and start shed some of the unhelpful content while being more fully present in the unfolding of new experience.

Silence offers us the chance to rest, to give up the perpetual striving of modern life and allow a sense of stillness to emerge within our hearts and minds. At first the silence can feel very unusual but by the end of the day you'll probably want it to last longer.

The day retreat offers an introduction to silent retreats and participants a refuge for deep self care and an immersive experience of getting closer with yourself in mind, body, emotions and community. It's a chance to relax and retreat without needing to leave home on a holiday.

Join us on the 21st October in Hawthorn from 9.30am-4pm for the MCC Silent retreat with experienced mindfulness teachers Melanie Turner and Marion Miller leading the practice.

Tickets are $110 and can be purchased here.

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