Wellness in lockdown 2.0: Simple strategies for being present at home.

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

The pandemic has had an impact on everyone, young and old alike I don't think there is anyone alive on this planet that hasn't been effected in someway. But perhaps those who were already vulnerable are finding this second period of lockdown particularly challenging. With this slowing down and turning inward on our lives it's a good time to take stock, immerse yourself in the home retreat and reflect on the difficulties we're facing as individuals, a culture and in the world. As well as being aware of what you're struggling with don't forget the basic building blocks for wellbeing.

Taking care of our physical, emotional, mental and social wellness is very important right now and you don't have to do it alone and the intention here is to help support you with some simple strategies you can begin today. This is what we do in all our life coaching, career coaching and workplace coaching sessions. The Coach Hub are offering discounted rates for coaching and can help you through this period with evidence based coaching, counselling and mindfulness sessions if that is something you feel you'd benefit from.

Here's a few ways to help you focus on your wellness at home.

• Get outdoors and move for at least 1 hour everyday. Change up your routine and try different times of day and visit different parks in your local community. Always wear your mask and make an effort to get your heart rate up. Combining walks and talks is a great way to get some social and exercise in at the same time. If you're struggling to get the kids outside, try tuning off their wifi and telling them they won't get it again until exercised. You can also pay them to walk the dog or invite them for some one on one time with you as a distraction from making them exercise.

• Settle an anxious mind with breathing strategies like meditation for about 20-30 minutes when you wake up and be proactive about cultivating a steady state of mind. Checkout our meditation playlist for guided meditations or download the Insight Timer app to explore others. Try these meditations with your kids at nighttime and use it to down regulate before you get a sound night sleep.

• If feeling a bit numb and not in your body get up and try some movement, stretches or dance. Activating the body will help you up regulate and get the bodily senses working.

• Set up spaces in your home for activities like Leggo for the kids, meditating or reading, playing board games, working, studying, sitting outdoors, stretching and doing yoga, building huts in the backyard, making art and crafting. Share your spaces with family members.

• Make sure you have some private spaces for guilt-free alone time and decompressing between work and family time. The bath is a great way to relax and unwind. Light some candles, purchase some fragrant salts or oils and explore your sensuality by engaging all the senses in your soak.

• Increase your oxytocin, the love hormone that creates connection. You can do this by hugging for 20 seconds, singing songs together, patting your dog and communicating love to your family members and partner.

• Have a pamper session. Make a homemade facial or get some great Sukin products from your local pharmacy and have a beauty night in with a glass of wine or a cup of herbal tea. Treat yourself and other family members with a bit of pampering and take it turns in giving each other a pamper treatment.

• Get in the kitchen and cook up a feast. Have each family member create a restaurant quality meal for the family and have theme nights. Think Mexican, Italian, Greek, Chinese or even a grazing table and make the weekends more fun. Post your pics on socials and inspire your friends.

• Use your journal to track your mindset. Write down any critical thoughts you're having and begin noticing what narratives you're running. See if you can switch up and reframe the criticisms with self compassion and feel into it.

• We can't travel overseas right now but we can practice Wanderlust. Explore Netflix documentaries from around the world and start researching where you'd like to travel in the years to come. get the whole family involved and explore each others ideas.

• Create some art. Ok you might not be artistically inclined but explore making art by giving yourself permission to be free with your drawing or painting and just allow it to be what it is. If you don't feel confident on your own try doing a collaborative piece with other family members and each contribute something to the work of art. You don't have to share it on social media if you don't like it! Guarantee your kids will enjoy this one.

• Email or send your top five friends a text message sharing some of the things you're grateful for about them. Gratitude is a prosocial emotion that helps you be present and happy. I like to do this one before the weekend so I can replies over the weekend from my most favourite people.

• While there is a huge economic downturn right now and that will inevitable increase poverty levels its an opportunity to live more simply and harmoniously with nature. Discuss with your family members how you can live more locally and environmentally friendly and continue with living the values of essentialism long after lockdown finishes.

• Get in the garden. Teach your kids about plants and get your hands dirty. Try planting some seeds from the kitchen and growing some vegetables or fruit. Or you could make a fairy garden or have a teddy bears picnic. You may like to create a hanging pansy basket you can enjoy the pop of colour for years to come and place it somewhere you can view it from the inside. Try connecting with nature by just being present.

The list could go on forever but it's important to just do a few things each day that nourish and support your wellness and move you away from negative spirals, unrealistic expectations or feeling hopelessness.

If you'd like to explore coaching and be supported in a safe community join us on Monday the 10th August for Group Coaching Class at 10am. This coming session we'll will be exploring Stress and Anxiety Management in lockdown. It's only $65 and goes for 90 minutes with some takeaway strategies you can put into practice. REGISTER HERE and I hope to see you there.

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