WFH Leadership Hacks by Marion Miller

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Most of us have adapted to remote working with equal amounts of enjoyment and challenge. Once lockdown finishes and we can socialise and enjoy our usual lifestyle, visiting cafe's, restaurant and being out and about in public, the beach and bush - I imagine those allowed to remain working from home will be really grateful. In leadership coaching working with professionals who have adapted successfully to working from home, I have gleamed a few guidelines for what helps keep the mind and body resourced.

Here's some simple ways to hack WFH

.• Have your water handy

• Eat lunch outside and away from tasks

• Move the body every 30 minutes

• Try a stand up desk

• Pause between meetings for a breather

• Get the hardest tasks done first

• Switch off all digital distractions

• Set SMART goals for each day

• Have a clear experience intention for the day

• Have days where you dress up and show you're making an effort to present well

• Uggs under the desk are ok

• Resource with sustaining practices daily

• Own your authentic process 

• Give your home office a make over with new art and plants

• Discuss wins and challenges with your partner and show interest in theirs

• Take risks and share your ideas with colleagues

• Trust and help empower others on the team

• Make time for inspiration

• Be creative & reinvent the status quo (for women)

• Help your team find common purpose at work

• Figure out your strengths, values and talents and inject it into your work

• Take on a new project and contribute value for others

Maybe you have another one not mentioned here, we'd love to hear your thoughts in comments.

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