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Your Authentic Pathway: Making Big Changes in your Life or Career

I remember when I first started to think I could create a new life and career for myself. I became inspired, colours seemed brighter, I didn't feel bound my the past anymore and I was hungry to learn. This was over 20 years ago now and on reflection my approach in the bginning was a bit clunky.

I took a lot of risk, was obsessive and the road was quite bumpy at the start. I had huge adventures in big cities like Manhattan and Rome and on return had to unpack a lot of baggage before I truly found my way home.

I have done heaps of inner work since those early days and highly recommend doing coaching and counselling. Experiences opened my eyes in ways I could never have imagined prior to my intention to change. But over time changes happened and I grew into a new relationship with myself and life and now have roots firmly in the ground of my being.

Am I done? Have I reached some state of completion and bliss? No and I doubt I will ever stop growing until perhaps I near the end of this increible journey I have had the privilege of experienicng.

The point is I am on my authentic pathway, open to growth and discovering my creative gifts and having the courage to know they are worth sharing and putting my energy into. The vision I have for all people to feel fulfilled and alive, contributing like they are valued and worthy of connection is a future I desire and I am inspired to work toward.

The more I step into my authentic self and model this in my life and work the more I give permission for others to do the same; my daughters, my friends, clients and family. There is a freedom, empowerment and grace that comes from living with both feet grounded in your vision of a better world and knowing you're on the pathway.

It's the process that counts more than the destination itself. Once you start following your dreams, you gather energy and there is a lightness to everything you do and an unshakable commitment and respect for being here. Giving yourself permission to wonder is a good start, then bit by bit stepping into allowing yourself to journey on your authetic pathway.


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