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Psychosocial Safety Leadership Workshop Series


Specialised psychosocial safety workshops to develop the wellbeing capability of leaders and reduce psychosocial hazards through work design and management of systems across the organisation.

Improved Psychosocial Safety for Employees & Workplaces 


Discover our transformative Psychosocial Safety Leadership Workshop Series with Marion Miller, a specialised leadership and wellbeing coach based in Melbourne, Australia. Based on extensive Work Safe research across industry, psychosocial hazard are aspect of work design or the work environment that has the potential to cause psychological or physical harm.


These stress factors include job control, work demands, change management, organisational justice, recognition and reward, role clarity and workplace relationships. Other factors that can cause psychosocial harm or injury include work-related gendered violence and work-related violence, workplace bullying and work-related fatigue. These factors have been identified as increasing the likelihood of harm or injury to an individuals mental or physical health.

Our Psychosocial Safety Leadership Workshop Series is designed to help workplaces assess, develop and implement strategies to improve the design and management of your work flow and help reduce stress and psychosocial hazards in your teams. The offering is online small group coaching and co-design sessions for managers and leadership to help build a positive culture in your organisation.


Why Choose The Psychosocial Safety Leadership Series?

Marion is a Wellbeing and Leadership Coach and Counsellor in Melbourne with extensive experience in organisational coaching, having facilitated a yearlong pilot program to reduce psychosocial hazards in large organisations funded by Work Safe. With a degree qualification in both Coaching and Counselling, Marion brings a wealth of knowledge, training, and experience to guide you toward a healthier and safer workplace culture.

What We Offer:

1. One-on-One Initial Consulation

Experience the benefits of an initial connection call. Be guided through the assessment process and help your workplace understand what psychosocial hazards are most prevalent in your workplace. Define the focus of your workplace coaching series or take a preventative approach and cover all four sessions.

2. Psychosocial Safety Leadership Coaching Workshop Series 

Join our online immersive workshops covering psychosocial hazards and risks and how mitigate them. This interactive workshop series will help your leaders and people managers learn how to identify risks and work on developing and establishing better work design and environments for your workplace.

3. Psychosocial and Wellbeing Resources

Access a wealth of resources in our coaching hub, including assessments, articles, coursework and tools to support your ongoing learning and development. We're committed to providing you with the resources you need to foster a mentally healthy and safe workplace


What Clients Are Saying

"Marion is incredibly intuitive, a wonderful listener and highly pragmatic mindfulness coach."
She has been extremely helpful in assessing my strengths and passion to build a vision for my professional and personal life. I have gained valuable tools and coaching from Marion to be more present and to listen respectfully. She has certainly increased my self-awareness during challenging situations. Marion is an inspiration for me and my partner to meditate every day to transform our life more calmer and happier.
Adai Alagu - Enterprise Architect

Ready to find out more?

Connect with Marion today, let her know what you're looking for.

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