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Welcome to a journey of wellbeing, health and wellness with experienced Wellbeing Coach Marion Miller in Melbourne. Marion invites you to embrace the adventure of life a well-lived, offering a multi-dimensional, evidence-based, and mindful approach to support you to thrive in personal and professional life.

Wellbeing Coaching Melbourne Program with Marion Miller


Discover our transformative 6-Week Coaching Program or single EAP sessions with Marion Miller, a specialised leadership and wellbeing coach based in Melbourne, Australia. Whether you're navigating a significantly stressful time, struggling with burnout or work life balance or simply looking to improve your emotional and mental health and wellbeing. Marion is here to help you feel safe, supported and to transform your challenges into opportunities to boost your health and wellbeing.

How Marion Can Help You:

  • Be more mindfully present, improve mental health and regulate your emotions 

  • Experience more positive personal and professional relationships and social interactions.

  • Be more motivate to engage with simple activities that boost wellbeing and help you flourish and thrive


Why Choose Wellbeing Coaching With Marion Miller?

Marion is an experienced Wellbeing Coach in Melbourne, recognised for her passion for mindfulness, wellbeing science and holistic approaches. With a degree qualification in both Coaching and Counselling, Marion brings a wealth of knowledge, training, and experience to guide you toward a thriving life.


A Wellbeing Coaching Program: Marion's multi-dimensional approach empowers you to grow positively in various areas of your life, including:

  • Personal Growth: Overcome obstacles, boost courage, resilience and confidence, and create an inspiring vision for life.

  • Emotional Intelligence: Learn how to cultivate, savour and integrate positive emotions to feel good and flourish.

  • Career Development: Align your professional life with your values, strengths, and a sense of meaning and purpose. 

  • Mindfulness: Expand your awareness, manage stress, and experience an upsurge in energy, engagement and flow.

  • Boost Health and Wellness: Create daily wellness habits involving food, sleep, movement, connecting to nature and more.

  • Positive Relationship: Build meaningful connections, and feel more connected, supported and valued by others.

  • Goal Setting: Define clear, achievable goals and develop a roadmap for personal and professional achievement.


Empower Your Path: What to Expect in our 6-Week Coaching Program

  • Initial Call: Begin with a free introductory call and intake to discuss your challenges and goals.

  • Tailored Coaching Plans: Personalised plans to suit your unique needs and objectives.

  • Flexibility: Choose face-to-face in the Glen Iris studio, online, or a hybrid of both.

  • Regular Sessions: 6 x 60-minute sessions for continuous progress and insights.

  • Digital Resources: Access digital coursework, exercises, and resources for ongoing support.

  • Accountability: Marion holds you accountable, ensuring you follow through on your commitments.

  • Transformation: Experience personal growth, heightened connection, and a sense of fulfilment.


The next step is to book an introductory call or email to discover if we're the right fit. Marion will match the right tools and approach to design a plan for your best experience.

Life and Leadership Coaching

What Clients Are Saying

"Marion is incredibly intuitive, a wonderful listener and highly pragmatic mindfulness coach."
She has been extremely helpful in assessing my strengths and passion to build a vision for my professional and personal life. I have gained valuable tools and coaching from Marion to be more present and to listen respectfully. She has certainly increased my self-awareness during challenging situations. Marion is an inspiration for me and my partner to meditate every day to transform our life more calmer and happier.
Adai Alagu - Enterprise Architect

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