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Workplace Coaching & Counselling 

I offer organisational services to empower human performance, purpose and growth for people, teams, and culture. This include proactive coaching and EAP counselling, career and leadership development and mental health and wellbeing initiatives.


Sessions aim to support professionals through insightful conversations, reflective practices & engagement strategies. I help employees boost confidence & performance, broaden & build wellbeing, strengthen relationships & develop career satisfaction.


I offer EAP packages, Workshops and Programs for employees across the organisation, leadership and teams. Covering topics of mental health, performance, wellness, career resilience, organisational culture, change management, sustainability and leadership.

I am available for wellbeing, mindfulness & leadership consultancy & collaboration. I can provide a creative & holistic lens to sustaining your health & wellbeing projects within your organisation or the community. 

I have experiencing working with large organisations providing group work or private practice coaching & EAP counselling. Corporate clients have included Target, The Supreme Court of Victoria, Coles, ENS, Bunnings, Merri Health, YWCA, DET, Lort Smith and Bueno Systems both on site & online. You can learn more about my professional projects here or contact me to find out more.

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Meet Marion Miller

Counsellor & Psychotherapist, Professional Coach & MBSR Mindfulness Teacher.


I have more than 15 years experience in private practice supporting clients to be well and create purposeful and fulfilling lives. I also work in organisational and educational wellbeing and leadership. I'm a licensed counsellor with PACFA, have ICF accredited coach training and a certified MBSR/MBCT Mindfulness teacher. 

My approach is holistic, mindfulness centred and creative; working dynamically with the mind, body, heart & the wider context of our lives & the earth. I believe people are their own best healers are intrinsically resourceful and have an authentic core self. My specialities are mindfulness and wellbeing, career counselling, relationships, self-leadership and life coaching.

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