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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Coaching?
    Coaching is best described as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking & creative process designed to maximise human potential & accelerate the change process. Coaching aims to facilitate sustained cognitive, emotional & behavioural change that leads to goal attainment & higher levels of wellbeing. Coaching Psychology can be applied to Life, Leadership, Executive, Wellbeing, Organisational Culture & Career.
  • What is Counselling?
    Counselling & Psychotherapy is an interpersonal relationship process that promotes the clients mental, emotional, social & spiritual health & wellbeing. Counselling & Psychotherapy aims to resolve identified problems & increase self-understanding & insight into beliefs, thoughts, memories, emotions, impulses & social patterns through a supportive relationship.
  • If I can't get to Glen Iris can I still see you?
    Many of the clients I work with come from other suburbs or regional parts of Victoria & interstate. Some clients I have worked with are based overseas in places like London, Dubai, New York & Ireland. My clients who are not local prefer to connect via Zoom. I provide a link at the start which they use for every session.
  • How can I be assured the counsellor or coach is qualified to do the work?
    In Australia counsellors and psychotherapists should be registered with PACFA or ACA who provide our ethical codes of conduct & require a level of training, on-going PD & supervision for all members. Counsellors are recognised as mental health practitioners by the Australian government. Coaching is not regulated but the ICF offer an ethical code of conduct for its members.
  • How much does Individual Counselling & Coaching Cost?
    $190 for a 60 minute sessions $1320 for the 8 x 60 minute Empower program
  • Are Counselling & Coaching sessions confidential?
    Private practice sessions are strictly confidential. I am bound by my code of ethics to keep your identity, records & the content of our sessions private. The only time I would break confidentiality is if I was ordered to by law or if you disclosed the intention to harm yourself or someone else or if a child is at risk.
  • Is Counselling & Psychotherapy covered by Medicare?
    No, at present counselling & psychotherapy is not covered by medicare. This means you don't need to get a diagnosis from a Doctor to access my services. Unfortunately when you receive a mental health care plan your mental health diagnosis is recorded on your My Health records and can be used by insurance companies to discriminate against you. As a counsellor & psychotherapists I do not have access to your medical records, I do not view you as a patient & I don't pathologies your conditions.
  • Can I claim counselling on private health insurance?
    There are many private health insurers adding counselling to their list of extras. Please check with your insurer to find out more information if you're illegible for coverage.
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