Marion Miller

Women's Circles in Melbourne

Calling all women dreamers, creators, mothers, leaders, sisters, daughters, and local goddesses. Join our vibrant gathering of women to be heard, held and seen without judgement. Our women's empowerment circle has been created to help build you up and cheer you on.

The circle will be a space for self-reflection, connection to sisterhood and the sharing of wisdom and experience. Each circle will have an intention to inspire and empower by exploring different themes related to women's experiences. 


 In 2021 our vibrant group is planning to gather once a month in Camberwell with nibbles and herbal tea. Women are invited to come along for this circle and participate & share in our community of practice.

The next women's circle is now open for registration on August 20th at 7pm, see more dates below. With the theme of Your Authentic Voice, join us for a self-discovery exploration, sharing and compassionate community of like-minded soulful sisters.

What is a Women's Circle?

Women have been gathering in sacred circles for centuries to nurture and empower one another. We honour this tradition with a modern approach crafting a meaningful experience related to our times. Our most recent circle was a success bringing together a small group of women who felt safe enough to open up, reflect on their life experience and share and connect with one another. We practiced a meditation, did some reflective journalling on our chosen theme, listened to poetry and each woman in the group shared something personal while the others listened with compassion and held space. Afterwards we had a quiet cup of tea and some lovely homemade local dips and corn chips and chatted about our lives. 

Women's Circle Theme

August 20th - Your Authentic Voice

The theme for the July women's circle is all about finding your Authentic Voice. Historically women have been silenced in many areas of life- in places where they can truly make a big difference. Although we have much to be grateful for the sisters who have walked this path before us we still have much to achieve to be truly equal. In this circle we'll explore restorative practices for renewing the spirit, creative processes to find freedom in our voices and support through the strength of the sisterhood.

September 17th - Inner Balance

The theme for the June women's circle is all about creating inner balance. Modern life is complex and fast paced and women wear many hats and fulfil many roles. Often our self-care is put on the back burner and we can find ourself reactive to everyone's needs, feeling exhausted and lacking space for our own things. In this circle we'll explore sustaining wellbeing including lifestyle, practices and habits that nourish your energy and ignite your passions. Come away with an energy map and skills to create more inner balance ad joy in your life.

Details of the next Women's Circle 

Cost: $35

• 7-9pm

• Friday Evening

• Location: Camberwell 

• Cushions/ Couch Provided  

• Herbal tea provided

• Bookings essential 

• Small group

• Covid-19 Safe

• Bookings Essential 

Intake from required to register

Marion Miller

Women's Empowerment Circle - Your Authentic Voice

Date: Friday August 20th

Time: 7-9pm

Location: Camberwell

Cost: $35 AUD

A women's empowerment circle to support women to be their best, cheer each other on and build each other up. Join us in Camberwell.