Leadership Coaching

Leading an authentic, balanced & purposeful professional life is the aim of our leadership coaching & professional development program - whether that means effectively leading teams, navigating complex change or crafting your authentic personal brand.

My Leadership Coaching will help you lead with awareness & compassion, uncover blindspots & unlock your strengths & talents. Learn skills for growth fostering relationships & collaboration. Create an inclusive & emotionally intelligent workplace culture, expanding your vision of success. 

Personally, leadership coaching can help you develop skills for reducing stress & anxiety & sustaining a more balanced approach. Discover your motivation energy & high performance edge. Unlock your creativity, be present at home & contribute meaningfully.


Marion has 15 years experience helping emerging & existing leaders create more authentic, ethical & socially aware leadership pathways. A combined 8-week package is most popular but you can also do single session, 4,8, or 12-week packages. Schedule your free introductory call or fill in our intake form & book online. 

What are Your Authentic

 Leadership Goals?

  • Find a career aligned with your values & strengths

  • Build confidence & unshakable self-belief

  • Put your best foot forward in an executive interview

  • Develop your personal brand

  • Develop communication & people skills

  • Navigate difficult relationships & conflict

  • Develop an authentic leadership style

  • Uncover subconscious blind spots & develop insight

  • Growth mindset, self-belief & stretching comfort zones

  • Reduce stress, anxiety & depression 

  • Management, emerging leadership & executive skills

  • High performance, presence & productivity

  • Motivation energy & balance

  • Develop high performing & empowered teams

  • Wealth creation & money mindset

  • Work/life balance & personal relationships

  • Mapping strategies for success

  • Small business digital skills for start ups

  • Creativity, innovation & talent


Who is Leadership Coaching For?

Leadership Coaching is for people looking for a personal & professional development approach that is holistic, ethical & authentic.  If you want to accelerate your growth, be balanced & achieve goals in both life, business & leadership.  I've worked with leaders from corporate executives, start up leads, small to medium sized business owners, sustainable community development leaders, artists & mums looking to start their passion project & return to work. 

I previously helped clients with the following issues:

• Imposter syndrome & lack of confidence

• Micro-management & delegation issues

• Conflict in the workplace

• Lack of leadership vision

• Stress, overwhelm & burnout 

• Change management issues

• Unclear about personal brand

• No work/life balance

• Toxic workplace culture

• Struggling to start up a project

• Performance anxieties

• Traumas blocking growth


What approaches do I use in Leadership Coaching?

Leadership coaching draws from my professional  training in organisational theory, career counselling, career coaching and authentic leadership coaching. Informed also by training in mindfulness neuroscience, attachment theory, psychodynamic theories, mindful self-compassion (MSC), polyvagal theory & mindful leadership studies.


Why choose to work with Marion Miller?

Marion is a leading professional coach, mindfulness teacher & holistic counsellor with over 15 years business experience & extensive professional training. I have helped thousands of clients change, heal & transform their lives. I'll give you the latest tools, skills & support. Sessions explore your values, strengths, personal brand, role playing, journalling prompts, skill audits, leadership vision, professional psychometrics and leadership focussed goal setting and business strategy.  Private practice appointments are available online and in Camberwell. Our flagship 8-week Empower Package is recommended for a self-discovery & growth journey but we also offer single sessions & 4 or 12-week packages.

What is included in our Program?

I offer a 4, 8 or 12-week package or single sessions, a simple to use online booking system. Sessions go for 60 minutes, programs come with a workbook or worksheet resources, an app, and follow up emails with video and article resources to help you with your goals. Clients are invited to make a time for an introductory (free) call to find out if we are fit for coaching.

Book your introductory call to find out more!
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Marion Miller

Founder | Leadership & Life Coach, Holistic Counsellor & Mindfulness Teacher (MBSR).

My approach combines three practices of coaching, mindfulness & counselling. I work dynamically with the whole person and their present experience. I am confident and experienced guiding self-healing journeys to supporting growth in high functioning leadership. I believe everyone has an authentic pathway & natural wisdom to align with.


I am a professionally certified coach, a member of the International Coaching Federation and have university level training in coaching, mindfulness and counselling. I have had a private practice for over 15 years and continued with my own learning and development, deepening my own process during that time. I use the latest evidence-based approaches backed by neuroscience combined with ancient wisdom traditions to help you heal, grow and transform. You can read more about me here.

Kind Words from Clients

Rebecca Kartel | CEO | The Kartel Solution

"Marion coached me through a time of significant change. She helped me understand my strengths and provided me with a different perspective surrounding my business goals and objectives.

Marion’s calm and insightful approach not only gave me extra confidence, but empowered me both professionally and personally. I look forward to working with you again in the future."

Julian Sanders | CEO

"I would commend Marion's professionalism and skill in identifying and strengthening aspects of the client's psychology that they weren't even aware of and could benefit from. The supporting documentation and references to books and online material offers a highly valuable ongoing support for clients. I'd highly recommend Marion to others in a heartbeat." - Julian Sander | CEO | Sparks Brewing and Distillery.

Paul Pares | Property Development

"I feel uncomfortable showing my emotions, hence the reason why I tried to put a lid on it quickly, but the emotion was overwhelming me on this occasion. The subject matter was quite pertinent to me and I felt a wave of tingles all over my body, I knew at that moment I had just felt
something very profound and it was liberating. I felt emotional because
of how wound up I am, and the thought of lifting this weight, even for a
brief moment was wonderful. Driving home I feel even more resolute to
learn to accept, be in the moment and put an end to the things that hold me to ransom. You've been great Marion, transforming my life is no easy task, but I feel I'm on the right path." 

Louise Daniels | YWCA | Operations Manager

“ I participated in the 8 week Mindfulness Course which focussed on professional resilience, leadership and change management in the workplace. I found Marion to be extremely insightful and down to earth. I gained valuable insight into assessing work relationships, managing stress and decision making. I learned to meditate and now practise this daily, but more importantly, I regained my self-confidence and made some positive decisions throughout my eight week course. Huge thanks to Marion for support, empathy and kindness. I would recommend Marion to anyone wishing to learn mindfulness and gain balance in their life.”

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