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Career & Leadership Coaching in Melbourne

Welcome to Marion's Mindful Leadership Coaching & Transformative Career Development in Melbourne & Online. Are you ready to cultivate authenticity, resilience, and purpose in your career and workplace?


Marion Miller, your Melbourne Career & Leadership Coach, is here to guide professionals like you toward a more fulfilling and impactful professional path. Sign up for our free Welcome to Coaching kit and discovery call.

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About Marion Miller

With over two decades of experience in Career and Leadership Coaching, Marion brings a wealth of knowledge to empower you on your professional path. Passionate about the intersection of wellbeing, creativity, and high-potential leadership, Marion employs a multi-dimensional, evidence-based, positive leadership approach to help you reach your fullest potential and transform your career, business, and organisation.

A Mindful Approach to Career Development & Leadership Coaching

Embrace a conscious approach to career coaching and leadership development. Marion's program is designed to foster professional confidence, align your career with your values and strengths, and facilitate continuous growth and thriving wellbeing. Your professional life can be fulfilling and rewarding with a sense of meaningfully contribution and purpose.

Positive Leadership Coaching & Professional Development

Unlock the qualities of an adaptive, mindful, and creative leader with Marion's coaching program. Gain the skills to navigate unprecedented challenges, reframe obstacles into opportunities, and strategically lead your people. Together, let's develop better systems, resilient teams, and a more cultures of wellbeing.

Marion's Leadership Coaching Clientele

Marion Miller collaborates with leaders and professionals from various sectors including corporate, education, government, technology and healthcare. She offers support in navigating complexity, developing skills for insight and mindfulness, and helps you get clear on the direction and strategy. Whether you're seeking a major change, personal wellbeing strategies, or more purpose, Marion is here to support you to take meaningful action.

Professional Career and Leadership Coaching Offerings:

Career Coaching

• Career exploration & direction

• Building confidence

• Career change & transitions

• Promotion & career advancement

• Work-life balance & stress management

• Workplace challenges & EAP support

• CV, job search & Interviews

Collaboration & networking

Leadership Coaching 

  • Self & Social Awareness

  • Strategic Thinking

  • Communication skills 

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Interpersonal skills & teamwork

  • Purpose & positive impact

  • Leadership shadow

  • Personal brand & legacy

  • Accountability & productivity 

Workplace Coaching

• Strategy, planning & direction

• Positive leadership coaching workshops

• Increase employee engagement

• Work-related stress & burnout

Building trust & safety in teams

• Coaching culture & improvement

• Mindfulness & wellbeing in workplaces

• Psychosocial safety assessment & risk

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" I focussed on professional resilience, leadership and change management in the workplace."
"I gained valuable insight into assessing work relationships, managing stress and decision making. I learned to meditate and now practice this daily, but more importantly, I regained my self-confidence and made some positive decisions throughout my course."
Mindful Leadership & Life Coaching TestimonialLouise Daniels - Opperations Manager

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