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Mindfulness Workbook: A simple 6-Week Guide to being present 
by Marion Miller.

Mindfulness workbook: Marion Miller Mindfulness Coaching book available on Amazon
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Mindfulness Workbook reveals simple, yet powerful ways to reduce your stress and be more present in your life, day to day. This 6-week guide takes you through activities that promote your self-acceptance, happiness, and wellbeing. It will be your daily go-to nourishment for living a more balanced life, taking back control of your emotions and encouraging positive thinking.

Based on a collective approach, a 20-year personal mindfulness practice, research and study into many meditation pathways; Marion crafts an approach she calls Mindfulness-Based Coaching. Her teachings are influenced by Buddhism, MBSR, MSC and Positive Psychology.


​The Mindfulness Workbook is infused with simple wisdom and easy to follow activities. Mindfulness Workbook invites you to buddy up and share your 6-week journey with a friend or colleague to get the maximum benefit by supporting one another and practicing together in community; you’ll also need a notebook and pen.  


Scientific research has revealed continued mindfulness practice is one of the most effective ways to reduce stress and anxiety, and extended practice increases regions of the brain responsible for self-regulation. Mindfulness Workbook translates the valuable science into practical step-by-step instructions for beginners navigating a mindfulness practice and building your resiliency.

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