Marion Miller:  My Founding Story

Founder | Professional Coach, Counsellor & Mindfulness Teacher (MBSR).

I am the spirited daughter of German immigrant from Hamburg and a farmer from King Island. My life begun on the land in country Tasmania before moving to Melbourne during childhood. I grew up in the world of mindfulness in Melbourne (before it became popular). When I was twenty years old I attended a mindfulness workshops with my mum, started meditating regularly & was beginning to ask some deeper questions about life.

Life experiences that have shaped me include a road trip around Australia for 9 months & spending time in indigenous communities. Working as an English teacher in a Buddhist temple in Japan & visiting Hamburg; the home of my mothers ancestors. Creative projects including a street photography series that took me from the streets of Melbourne all the way to Manhattan, NYC. With a love of adventure I learned to sail at RMYS & helped charter a yacht with my partner & children for 9 days in the Whitsundays. I have snowboarded the Gifu mountains in Japan, hiked the Grampians for 3 days & taken a pilgrimage to the summit of Fuji overnight for sunrise! 

The birthing rite & the privilege of raising four daughters, returning to University & meeting my partner & best friend has given my life purpose. 

I am an artist, writer and published author. I create original content across multiple platforms, host a video series called On the Cushion & write for several publications including The Journal blog. I am a featured mindfulness teacher on the Insight Timer app & share free meditations with millions of users online. I've attended Insight mindfulness retreats annually since 2010. I am an advocate of LGBTIQ+, feminism, environmental sustainability & ethical technology. I love travelling the world, bush walking, sailing, gardening, painting, mindfulness retreats & dancing the 5 Rhythms.

I founded my first coaching business over 15 years ago and its evolved to what it is today. I have designed & developed coaching programs & provided several organisations with wellbeing, leadership and culture programs in person, online & in digital formats. My clients have included the Lort Smith Animal Hospital, Target, Coles, The Supreme Court of Victoria, Bueno Systems, Merri Health & YWCA. You can read some of my past client testimonials here. I also work as a Smiling Mind facilitator in wellbeing, leadership & organisational coaching in the corporate & education sector. I am currently doing placement as a school counsellor in a Victorian High school.

My Professional education and mindfulness training includes:​

• Bachelor of Counselling (Coaching), Australian Colleague of Applied Psychology.

• MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) and MBCT (Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy), Mindfulness Training Institute Australia.

• Coaching Diploma in Career, Business and Life Coaching from The Coaching Institute of Australia.

• Mindful Self-Compassion Core Skills with Christopher Germer, PhD. & Kathleen Cator.

• Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness online: Theory and skills to make meditation safe and effective for trauma survivors with David Trevelen PhD.

• Introduction to Eco-Therapy - Online, Wilderness Reflections.

• Meditation Teacher Training, Melbourne Meditation Centre.

• Mindful Leadership, Compassion Masterclass with Emiliana Simon Thomas PhD.

• Dance For Life Arts and Yoga Trance Dance Teacher Immersion, Sumudra School of Living Yoga Online with Shiva Rae.

• Introduction to Dance Movement Therapy, IDTIA.

Mentors who have influenced me:

Simonne Jameson PhD.

Arian Young.

Humans who have inspired my work:

• Jon Kabat-Zinn

• Chogyam Trungpa

• Gabrielle Roth

• Carl Jung

• Tara Brach

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