Marion Miller:  My Founding Story

I'm the spirited daughter of German immigrant from Hamburg and a farmer from King Island. My life begun on the land in country Tasmania before moving to Melbourne during early childhood. I developed a love of nature at an early age and my fondest memories of childhood are time spent in the natural world developing an imaginative relationship with all living creatures I came across. I was a creative child; always making up stories, art, poetry, dance or a theatrical production for any audience I could find including the frogs and butterflies at our local creek.


I grew up in the world of mindfulness in Melbourne (before it became popular). But like many of my clients my childhood had moments that was less than ideal and I've had to navigate trauma that had a significant impact. During my late teens my mum was doing psychology research at Swinburne University and was on her own healing path. A major catalyst for my growth happened when I was twenty years old and attended a mindfulness event with mum and learned the art of meditation. In my early 20's I started meditating regularly and was beginning to contemplate some deeper questions about life. With a curious, open heart and mind I too became a seeker of healing, knowledge, adventure and crafting an authentic way of being in the world. 

Life experiences that have shaped me include a road trip around Australia for 9 months and spending time in indigenous communities in the outback on W.A and N.T. where I witnessed ritual and initiation into country. Working as an English teacher in a Buddhist temple in Ogaki in Japan & visiting Hamburg; the home of my mothers ancestors. Creative projects I immersed myself in include a yearlong street photography series that took me from the streets of Melbourne all the way to Manhattan, NYC. I was involved in the project management of several creative productions in the fashion industry including editorials, catwalk and film. I learned to sail at RMYS and helped charter a yacht with my partner and children for 9 days in the Whitsundays and later sailed aboard a tall ship in S.A for four days. I have snowboarded the Gifu mountains in Japan, hiked the Grampians for 3 days and taken a pilgrimage to the summit of Fuji overnight for sunrise.

I've the privilege of raising four daughters, returning to University as a mature age student & meeting my partner and best friend whom I now share my life with. I am an artist, writer and published author and never stopped making art. I create original content across multiple platforms and host a video series called On the Cushion sharing empowering tools and practices for life and leadership. I love to write and have written for several publications including formerly for an independent NYC fashion magazine. I now share weekly articles in The Journal  on the website.


I am a featured mindfulness teacher on the Insight Timer app & share free meditations with millions of users online. I've attended Insight mindfulness retreats annually since 2010 and sat with some of the worlds leading mindfulness and meditations teachers. My partner and I are working towards creating an eco-retreat for community landcare and healing through nature connection and the arts. I am an advocate of LGBTIQ+, feminism, environmental sustainability and ethical technology. I love travelling the world, bush walking, sailing, gardening, painting, mindfulness retreats, yoga and dancing the 5 Rhythms.

I founded my first coaching business over 15 years ago and its evolved to what it is today. I expanded into counselling and psychotherapies

 after realising through the practice of mindfulness the healing arts I can support humans to become whole again & weather life's complexities. I have designed and developed wellbeing and leadership programs for several organisations and facilitated them in person, online and in digital formats. My clients have included the Lort Smith Animal Hospital, Target, Coles, The Supreme Court of Victoria, The Department of Education, Bueno Systems, Merri Health and YWCA. You can read some of my past client testimonials here. I also work as a Smiling Mind facilitator in wellbeing, leadership & organisational coaching in the corporate & education sector. I am currently doing placement as a school counsellor in a Victorian High school. 

In 2022 I am opened up my first studio space for art, mindfulness counselling & coaching in Glen Iris. I am offering individuals private practice and group work as well as working on a creative nature-based wellbeing project with council in my local community. 

My Professional education and mindfulness training includes:​

• Bachelor of Counselling (Coaching), Australian Colleague of Applied Psychology.

• MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) and MBCT (Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy), Mindfulness Training Institute Australia.

• Coaching Diploma in Career, Business and Life Coaching from The Coaching Institute of Australia.

• Mindful Self-Compassion Core Skills with Christopher Germer, PhD. & Kathleen Cator.

• Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness online: Theory and skills to make meditation safe and effective for trauma survivors with David Trevelen PhD.

• Introduction to Eco-Therapy - Online, Wilderness Reflections.

• Meditation Teacher Training, Melbourne Meditation Centre.

• Mindful Leadership, Compassion Masterclass with Emiliana Simon Thomas PhD.

• Dance For Life Arts and Yoga Trance Dance Teacher Immersion, Sumudra School of Living Yoga Online with Shiva Rae.

• Introduction to Dance Movement Therapy, IDTIA.

Mentors who have guided me:

Simonne Jameson PhD.

Arian Young.

Humans who have inspired my work:

• Jon Kabat-Zinn

• Chogyam Trungpa

• Gabrielle Roth

• Carl Jung

• Tara Brach

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The Studio @ 24 King Street Glen Iris | Appointment Only Tuesday - Thursday

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