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Finding Purpose at Work with Career Coaching

Having a sense of purpose means having a direction and meaning that inspires you to get out of bed in the morning and makes you feel like life is worth living. A sense of purpose contribute to psychological wellbeing and it is a significant factor in positive psychology and the science of wellbeing. Purpose and meaning also contribute to life longevity and is associated with physical health.

Finding a sense of purpose is not only limited to work but finding purpose at work really pays off because you spend so much of your life working. If you're looking to meet your full potential at work then having a sense of meaning and purpose can surely help motivate you and give you the kind of energy resources you're going to need to sustain you. It's really important to find a job that fulfils something within you and sometimes money just isn't enough. Despite the media selling us this idea that material wealth equals happiness it is simply not true. But maybe there is a spiritual, social or sustainability purpose you can uncover and draw from in your career choices. Happiness and subjective wellbeing comes from within and meaning is an essential part of it. Once you know what you're looking for you can begin your search to make that career a reality.

Some relevant questions that you could ask yourself when trying to figure out your purpose are:

• Why am I here on this earth?

• If you woke up tomorrow and you had a purposeful career; what would you notice?

• What have you always wanted to do since you were a little kid?

Having a purpose drives you and motivates you to keep going when the going gets tough and when life's inevitable challenges arise. Purpose gives your life meaning and helps you feel connected to something larger than yourself. It gives you a reason to show up at the office, enjoy the tasks you have to do and give you more satisfaction and fulfilment. Career Coaching and Counselling supports the inquiry work on developing a purpose and meaningful trajectory in your career. To find out more visit the link.

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