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Holistic Counselling Melbourne

Mindful Living, Thriving Life


Holistic Counselling, Ecotherapy & Preventative Mental Health & Wellbeing with Marion Miller. 


Mindfulness Based Holistic Counselling & Nature Therapy for Deepening Wellbeing & Connection

True wellbeing revolves around the principles of mindfulness – the practice of being present in the moment. By incorporating mindfulness into your daily life, you can reduce stress, enhance mental clarity, and create a foundation for sustainable wellbeing. Marion Miller is an experienced holistic counsellor and mindfulness (MBSR/MBCT) teacher and wellbeing coach who integrates wellbeing science, nature and holistic counselling to support you in finding stillness, balance and resilience. 


Personalised Counselling

No two individuals are the same, and neither are their paths to recovering mental health and wellbeing. We offer personalised counselling sessions tailored to your unique needs, challenges, goals and aspirations. Whether you're seeking stress reduction, improved focus, support with difficulties or a greater sense of purpose, we're here to support you.

Practical Techniques for Everyday Life

Our counselling is about providing you with practical, easy-to-implement techniques that seamlessly integrate into your daily routine.  Mindfulness and connecting with nature is central to our approach, as it allows us to be present and responsive to our experiences and the world. We can bring presence to our old emotional patterns and awaken to our inner and outer nature. Rather than cycling receptively through old conditioning we can discover more freedom and choice. 

A strengths based, positive psychology approach helps us expand our responses and enhance resilience and ability to face our challenge with courage. We also draw from depth psychology, exploring dreams, archetypes, active imagination and symbology. Somatic techniques such as breath work, movement and embodiment. Creative art therapies, writing exercises and visualisation, can help us bring mindfulness and wellbeing into every aspect of your life.

What We Offer

1. One-on-One Counselling & Packages

Experience the benefits of personalised guidance. Our one-on-one counselling sessions provide a dedicated space for you to explore and overcome challenges, set goals, and cultivate wellbeing in your daily life.

2. Group Programs, Workshops and Retreats

Join our community of like-minded individuals in immersive workshops and retreats. Connect with others on the journey to wellbeing, share experiences, and learn from each other in a supportive environment.

3. Mindfulness and Wellbeing Resources

Access a wealth of mindfulness resources in our coaching hub, including guided meditations, articles, coursework and tools to support your ongoing practice. We're committed to providing you with the resources you need to foster mindfulness and nurture your wellbeing at home or in the workplace.

What are the benefits of our Holistic Counselling?

• Feel calmer, joyful and more zest for life

• Embodied connection to people and nature

• Daily sleep, food, movement & wellness

• Engaged in sustainable living behaviours

• Strengthening relationship & community 

• Connection to Family of Origin & Parenting

• Reduced Stress, Anxiety & Depression

• Burnout Recovery & Work/Life Balance

• Emotional & Psychological Re-patterning

• Navigating Divorce or Grief/Loss

• Emotional, Trauma & PTSD Processing

• Deeper Connection to Ancestry & Spirituality

• Aligning with Values & Strengths

• Unblocking Creativity & Flow State

• Explore Shadow work, Dreams & Inner Child 

• Symbology, Archetypes & Vision Work

Life and Leadership Coaching
Client Testimonials
When I first approached Marion I felt extremely helpless career-wise and lost in terms of the direction my life was heading. Marion helped me practice mindfulness; increased my self-awareness and boosted my resilience. I developed a sense of confidence that enabled me to apply myself to all situations. Thank you so much Marion for all your support. You care for your clients truly and faithfully and I am so honoured to have had someone so wise and compassionate as my personal coach. ​
Mindful Life Coaching & Counselling Testimonial Wendy Fayad - Business Owner

Contact Marion & Take the First Step in your Journey to Wellbeing.


Take the first step towards a more balanced and fulfilling life. Explore our counselling options, read testimonials from individuals who've transformed their lives, and begin your journey to mindfulness today.

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