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Holistic Counselling Melbourne

Marion Miller is a Holistic Counsellor, Coach & Mindfulness Teacher in Melbourne, Australia. Providing you a safe space to slow down & reflect on your challenges & journey on the path of authentic self-discovery. Integrate your past, enter the present & consciously create a meaningfully relationships with yourself, others & life as a whole.

What clients come to Holistic Counselling?


Marion has experience working in private practice with high performing professionals, university students, adolescents including school counselling, parents & families looking for support. Most commonly clients seek counselling & therapy for mental health & wellbeing support, work life balance & burn out recovery, stress, anxiety, depression or trauma recovery, self-awareness or relationship issues.

What is my approach to Holistic Counselling & Psychotherapy?

Holistic Counselling & therapy is an integrative and non-clinical approach that orients mindfully in the present, seeks to accept that past & establish a purposeful vision for the future. Counselling involves investigating your inner wisdom, insight, awareness & navigating toward self acceptance & conscious growth.


Explore the body, mind, heart, behavioural, impulsive, spiritual & social experience in the therapeutic process. Be supported navigating your challenges & processing traumas & difficulties. Discover tools & practices to help sustain your wellbeing & uncover a wholesome relationship with yourself, others & life.

Contact & Schedule an Introductory Call


Connect with me for complimentary discovery call to find out more, ask me any questions & see if we are a fit for working together.

What are the benefits of Holistic Counselling?

• Reduce stress, anxiety & depression

• Trauma processing & recovery

• Self-compassion & kindness.

• Clarity of mind & improved focus.

• Support with adult & adolescent ADHD & ASD

• Emotional agility & emotional healing.

• Healthy boundaries, communication & social skills.

• Developing psychological safety & trust.

• Support with parenting, adolescence & family dynamics.

• Navigate difficult relationships & conflict.

• Discovering love, intimacy & relationship longevity.

• Understanding your thoughts & emotions.

• Identify your values, strengths & creativity.

• Overcome unhelpful patterns & move toward life goals.

• Mindfulness & meditation skills & practice.

• Gain insight into beliefs, thinking patterns, impulses & emotions.

• Working with the psyche, spirituality & belonging

• Dance, creative arts therapies & expressive freedom

• Eco psychology, connection to nature & the inner wilderness

• Eco-anxiety & creating a sustainable lifestyle

• Navigating grief, loss & broken heartedness

What is Counselling?


Counselling & Psychotherapy is an interpersonal relationship process that promotes the clients mental, emotional, social & spiritual health & wellbeing. Counselling aims to resolve identified problems & increase self-understanding & insight into beliefs, thoughts, memories, emotions, impulses & social patterns through a supportive relationship.


Counselling is humanistic, integrative & can draw from different traditions like Psychodynamic, Gestalt, Person Centred, Existential, Cognitive Behavioural, Mindfulness-Based, Narrative, Systemic, Eco & Creative Arts Therapy. Counselling & Psychotherapy is not always a talking therapy can sometimes involve body movement & dance, somatic, sensory & non-verbal inquiry.

What theories underpin my holistic counselling approach?

Holistic counselling & therapy draws from my integrative counselling & coaching University studies. Theoretical frameworks I use include; Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) & Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT). Studies in Buddhist psychology, mindfulness neuroscience, coaching psychology, attachment theory, eco-therapy, psychotherapy, creative arts therapies, systems theory, mindful self-compassion (MSC), strengths-based, cognitive behavioural therapy, trauma informed mindfulness & counselling & dance movement therapy (DMT).

Tess Milne,
Interior Designer

"I came to Marion to do the 8 week Mindfulness course to help understand and see if I could improve a work environment that was quite stressful. Marion gave me the tools to deal with conflict in the workplace and to manage my stress, through assertiveness and various types of meditation. This was also assisted via her honest feedback on the work scenarios’ that I discussed in the sessions."

University Student

"Marion is a warm, welcoming and empathetic professional and I thoroughly enjoyed working with her on specific areas of concern in my life. I have gained valuable tools and skills to assist me in working through future challenges in all areas of my life. I found that regular sessions, working through the program and the meditation practice incorporated into the program, gave me clarity about my needs and desires, and assisted me in maintaining boundaries to stay true to my authentic self."

Saviano Roselen,
Horse Trainer & Bee Keeper

"Marion is a very skilled person who had the ability of understanding and support me through a12 week journey. Marion has helped me to visualise with more clarity my life path, my strengths and my goals. Marion is also a mindfulness coach and she has introduced me to the meditation practice which is now became part of my daily routine. I highly recommend Marion to all those people who want to boost the quality of life."

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Marion Miller

Founder | Holistic Counsellor, Coach & Mindfulness Teacher (MBSR).


My approach is holistic & non-clinical, integrating the wholeness of mind, body & spirit in service of self-healing, insight, balance & growth. My strengths are in providing perspective, creative, compassionate & wise counsel. I specialise in holistic personal & professional growth that is interconnected with the wider context of one's life, work & the world. 


I am trained in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Coaching, Counselling & Psychotherapies. I have had a private practice in Australia for over 15 years & have worked extensively in educational & organisational wellbeing & leadership. I merge the latest evidence-based approaches, professional coaching, psychodynamic, systems thinking & ancient wisdom traditions. 

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"Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes." - Carl Jung