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Welcome to Melbourne's Holistic Counselling
with Marion Miller.

Holistic Counselling, Mindfulness & Nature Therapy for Deepening Wellbeing, Self Awareness & Connection

Are you struggling with anxiety, fear, or self-doubt and unsure how to take the first step toward change? Feeling burnt out, overwhelmed, or trapped in systemic issues? Tired of striving for others' goals and yearning for more purpose, agency, and authenticity in your life? If conventional mental health approaches haven't worked for you, perhaps it's time to explore a more holistic, intuitive, and meaningful path.

Our Holistic Counselling Approach

At Melbourne's Holistic Counselling, we provide the tools and support necessary for deep self-awareness, insight, and empowerment. Our approach helps you cultivate clarity, calm, and meaningful connections. We encourage prioritising mindfulness, rest, creativity, social and nature connection and play, which are essential for sustaining wellbeing. Join our 1:1 sessions in a private practice studio based in Glen Iris or our Mindfulness 4-part Class starting July 22nd online.

Benefits our Clients Report:

  • Reduce stress, anxiety, and depression; recover from burnout and balance work/life

  • Improve family connections, parenting skills, and community bonds

  • Experience more calm, energy, and embodied connections with people and nature

  • Release habitual thinking patterns; manage ADHD and ASD issues

  • Navigate divorce, grief, trauma, PTSD or systemic issues

  • Rediscover instinct, intuition, and spirituality; align with values, strengths, and passion

  • Unblock creativity and imagination; explore shadow work, dreams, and symbology

About Marion Miller:

Marion Miller is a dynamic Professional Coach, Counsellor, and MBSR Mindfulness Teacher based in Melbourne, with over two decades of experience. She holds a bachelor qualification in ICF accredited coaching and PACFA licensed counselling, and has MBSR Mindfulness, and Ecotherapy certification.


Marion is also an artist, author, and a senior consultant in a large organisation. Her passion for wellbeing, creativity, and high-performance leadership drives her work with professionals, students, and the community.

Marion Miller

How Does Holistic Counselling Work?

Every individual’s path to greater mental health and wellbeing is unique. Our dynamic counselling sessions are tailored to your specific needs, challenges, goals, and personality. Marion works with adults and youth over the age of 15, providing a relationally oriented approach for those under 18 with parental involvement.

Please note that our services are not covered by Medicare, and Marion is not a psychologist. Her qualifications include a Bachelor of Counselling/Coaching, and she is licensed with the Psychotherapy and Counselling Association of Australia (PACFA). Marion is qualified to provide holistic counselling, psychotherapy, social and nature prescriptions. 


Practical Techniques for Everyday Life

Our counselling services focus on practical, easy-to-implement techniques, tools, and strategies that seamlessly integrate into your daily routine. Central to our approach is mindfulness and connecting with nature, helping you remain present and responsive to your experiences and the world around you. This allows you to break free from old emotional patterns and habitual thinking, discovering more freedom, creativity, and choice.

Inspired by strengths-based, positive psychology, contextual and systems thinking and an ecotherapeutic approach, you can enhance your resilience and face challenges with courage and agency. We also draw from depth psychology, exploring dreams, archetypes, active imagination, and symbology, and incorporate somatic techniques such as breath work, movement, and embodiment. Creativity coaching, writing, and visualisation further enrich our holistic approach.

Client Testimonials
When I first approached Marion I felt extremely helpless career-wise and lost in terms of the direction my life was heading. Marion helped me practice mindfulness; increased my self-awareness and boosted my resilience. I developed a sense of confidence that enabled me to apply myself to all situations. Thank you so much Marion for all your support. You care for your clients truly and faithfully and I am so honoured to have had someone so wise and compassionate as my personal coach. ​
Wendy Fayad - Business Owner
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