The  Empower Coaching Program 

I'm Marion Miller and I coach brilliant leaders who are committed to their personal & professional growth, wellbeing & success. 


Whether it's achieving change or growth in your leadership or life, nourishing your relationships or finding a deeper sense of balance & authenticity.


Develop unshakable confidence, reduce stress/anxiety, unpack limiting belief & recharge your energy. Find your purpose, re-connect with your wild nature, live with more joy & freedom & create a fulfilling vision for your future.


The Empower Coaching Program will help you do the inner-work of self-discovery, make an effective plan, identify triggers that are holding you back & take intentional steps to achieve meaningful goals in life & work.

With my professional support & the right tools you can change, transform & grow in all areas of life & work. Let's get started - contact me to book an introductory call.

Life Coaching

Build your confidence & wellness, discover your self & breakthrough barriers in

 your relationships & growth.

Career Coaching

& Counselling

Change or advance your career,  align your strengths, confidence & passion, find direction & purpose.

Leadership Coaching

Develop your authentic leadership, build a strategy & accomplish goals in life, business & organisation.

Holistic Counselling

Develop self-awareness identify triggers, reduce stress & anxiety, boost energy, balance & presence

What are your 
Life & Leadership Coaching  Goals?

  • Build confidence & unshakable self-belief

  • Uncover subconscious blind spots & develop insight

  • Growth mindset, self-belief & stretching comfort zones

  • Reduce stress, anxiety & depression 

  • Navigate career & industry change

  • Lifestyle change or life stage transition

  • Find your purpose & passion at work

  • Build growth fostering & intimate relationships

  • Find a career aligned with your values & strengths

  • Develop mindfulness & self-compassion

  • Wealth creation & a positive relationship with money

  • Work/life balance, energy, playfulness & wellness

  • Develop a stand out CV & interview coaching

  • Build your personal brand online with social media

  • Find a career suited to your personality traits

  • Management, emerging leadership & executive skills

  • High performance, presence & productivity

  • Navigate workplace bullying & professional relationships

  • Developing a career vision & map a successful strategy

  • Uncover more energy, passion & purpose

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What is my approach to Coaching & Counselling?

I provide a structured, yet flexible approach to coaching or counselling that is mindfulness centred. Informed by extensive training in mindfulness, counselling & coaching, I work in the present moment & believe mindfulness is the glue between the coaching & counselling approaches. I help clients identify blind spots, face into fears as well as enhance their natural strengths. With a client-centred approach I help you build awareness & intentionally close the gap on where you are to where you want to be. I use eclectic approaches depending on who I am working with, their challenges, personality & life, leadership or career goals.

What is included in the Empower Coaching package?

The Empower Coaching Package comes with an 8-Chapter Coaching Workbook, 8 X 60 min sessions, follow up video's & article resources & app for mindfulness. I also offer 4 or 12-week packages, single sessions & you can book online. Depending on where my client is on their personal or professional development pathway will depend on what tool or approach I use with them in the sessions. 


Coaching Packages All Include:

• 60 minute sessions on Zoom or in person (currently offered in the park at Camberwell)

• An 8-Chapter Digital or Print Workbook

• An App with specific mindfulness practices

• Activity & reflective worksheet for personal or professional development

• Supportive video & article resources for your learning & development

• Follow up email support in-between our sessions

Contact me to find out more about my private practice availability
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Marion Miller

Founder | Leadership & Life Coach, Holistic Counsellor & Mindfulness Teacher (MBSR).

My approach combines three practices of coaching, mindfulness & counselling. I work dynamically with the whole person and their present experience. I am confident and experienced guiding self-healing journeys to accelerating growth in high functioning leadership. I believe everyone has an authentic pathway & natural wisdom to align with. I like to connect with clients, have an introductory talk & see if we have an organic connection before you purchase a package, book your sessions and get started. 


I am a professionally certified coach, a member of the International Coaching Federation and have university level training in coaching, mindfulness and counselling. I have had a private practice for over 15 years and continued with my own learning and development, deepening my own process during that time. I use the latest evidence-based approaches backed by neuroscience to help you heal, grow and transform. You can read more about me here.


Kind Words from Clients


Jennifer Howard | Eastern Health | Nursing Manager

"I found myself in a privileged position at work. I wanted to work to the best of my ability and keep up my motivation and level of functioning at work to ensure I performed well and continued to keep the door open into new opportunities at work. But found other areas of my life were suffering from some neglect. I was giving all my energy to work and not enough to me, being consumed with worry about my performance and that I was doing the best I could do. Marion helped me to understand the things that are important to me and helped me to focus some attention on those things to get some balance back in my life. She also helped me to realise that my worry was wasted energy, and I soon realised that everything was always better than I thought it was going to be. I would be worrying about situations, live the reality of the situation and realise things were always OK. I now know that while my worry is good to keep me on the right track, I am actually doing better than I give myself credit for.

I was also having trouble with a colleague. I would go home consumed with negative feelings from the encounters I’d had with her. Marion helped me to recognise that I had control of how I felt during these encounters and the relationship has improved, I am no longer giving her the energy I need to reserve for myself and for giving love to my family.

I am grateful for the assistance Marion has given me and I’m sure I will be seeing her again in the future. It really helps that have someone help you understand your situation from an objective point of view." 

Adai Alagu | Enterprise Architect | Coles

"Marion is incredibly intuitive, a wonderful listener and highly pragmatic mindfulness coach. She has been extremely helpful in assessing my strengths and passion to build a vision for my professional and personal life. I have gained valuable tools and coaching from Marion to be more present and to listen respectfully. She has certainly increased my self-awareness during challenging situations. Marion is an inspiration for me and my partner to meditate every day to transform our life more calmer and happier. I am very grateful to have worked with her during challenging period professionally and highly recommend her coaching to anyone who is looking to transform their life happier and healthier" 

Julian Sander | CEO | Sparks Brewing and Distillery

"I would commend Marion's professionalism and skill in identifying and strengthening aspects of the client's psychology that they weren't even aware of and could benefit from. The supporting documentation and references to books and online material offers a highly valuable ongoing support for clients. I'd highly recommend Marion to others in a heartbeat." 

Mary Russo | Personal Assistant NAB | MBA Student

“I engaged Marion during a most stressful time at work, with a great deal of restructuring taking place.  Marion was able to assist me in gaining clarity and calmness to enable me to make better informed decisions which empowered me to forge ahead.  I particularly found the mediation exercises very beneficial, specifically during sleepless nights and with ongoing headaches due to stress.  Marion gave me perspective that I had not gained before, I was able to detach and assess with simplicity.  Overwhelmed in my thoughts, I became lighter as we moved through the practise of mindfulness.  I am a much less stressful and fearful person. Her explanation of how we function during times of stress, enabled me to better understand myself during these times, which assisted in overcoming these emotional events and brought with it much calmness and peace of mind.

I can’t thank Marion enough for her work and how it helped me through a very difficult time in my life.  It is powerful knowledge that can assist, not only in work life, but also in personal life and remains with you forever! “ 

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