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3 Things To Help You Prepare For Your Next Career Move.

Your career is coasting along but you are starting to think a change is in order to ignite a sense of growth and purpose in your life. People spend a lot of time planning things like weddings or holidays but your career is where you will spend the majority of your lifetime and often little or no planning goes into it. You finish school get a job and then may find yourself moving in the direction of other people's dreams before you know it. At work you trade your free leisure or family time so why not make it the best possible and meaningful opportunity.

Jumping into the deep end of career change or growth can seem like an exciting prospect and also scary but working with a coach can help support you in doing your due diligence on all the choices you have to move forward and help uncover some things about yourself and future potential you might not even be aware of.

Asses the Current Situation

Look at where you are now in your current position, the culture at work, the relationships and the scope you have to progress. Make sure your desire for change is coming from a place of value rather than just a reaction to something temporary unpleasant in your life experience. For example you might be stressed because of a conflict in one of your relationships and this might not be a good reason for a total career change. Career changes that are motivated by purpose, fulfilment, changing location, pursuing new skills and challenges and life balance are wiser.

Profile Your Skills and Define Your Personal Brand Story

Begin to clarify all your skills and determine which ones you are expert at, which ones you want to develop in the future and where your gaps are in your current learning. Do you need to skill up with a short course or webinar? It also helps to know your values and character strengths and understand how to be able to optimise them in your daily life creatively. Knowing your values, strengths and skills begins to paint a picture of what you can contribute to a professional position and what you bring that is uniquely you. When organising your CV, LinkedIn profile and Social Media and preparing for interviews or planning out your passion project look at your career timeline from a holistic perspective. It's then time to develop it into a story of growth and empowerment and include your new vision for the future and don't forget to connect the story with the people you plan to serve. Tell your story across all communication platforms and infuse it with emotion that inspires you and others.

Make a Plan and Action Goals

You've spend some time working out where you're at and what the gaps are and now it's time to make a vision, plan and goals to connect all the dots. Look at all the opportunities ahead, speak to colleagues and people who have done what you want to do, read up and meet with people who can help you and you can also offer to help. Tell them your story and inspire them to join with you. Understand the challenges you're going to face and make sure you have the energy to attend to the challenges without giving up. This might mean financial, emotional, mental and physical wellness and support to keep you on top of your game and approaching it playfully without getting tangled up in a ball of stress when things don't work out the way you expected at first. Once you have done the ground work and have a plan, break it down into smart goals you can achieve.

There is the three important areas we focus on in life and career coaching at Melbourne Coach and clients often report that having a coach to reflect with and made accountable to helps them clarify, design and execute their next career move with greater ease and success.

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