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Couple Goals

This blog is not just another to do list for relationship success but a little insight into my conversation with my partner today over a chai latte and macadamia donut at the local cafe.

After the rather impressive yin yang latte art arrived at the table, I got inspired to unpack our shared ideas on what a "to be" list for our relationship might look like. I know, I know I'm a typical coach.

These are the intentions for our partnership and maybe they are relevant to yours too? Granted, every relationship is different but here's the secret sauce that helps ours be healthy and harmonious. It's also an exploration of what we want to continue to become.

Perhaps this might inspire you and your partner to create your to be list. From here you could develop some couple goals for the coming Summer and lead up to 2019.

Relationship to be list:

Loving: Caring deeply for one another.

Supportive: Being able to recognise vulnerability and provide support.

Challenging: Being able to provide perspective and invitation to think differently.

Presence: Being able to experience the wonders of life together as it unfolds.

Willingness to grow: Share a common love of learning and growing.

Familiar: To create rituals that are meaningful to our partnership.

Adventures: To explore and be open to trying new things both individually and together.

Belonging: Sharing a commitment to making the world a better place for all.

There you have it. We really enjoyed this conversation and crafting our to be list. We also took the time to discuss each one and talk about what it meant to us. It was a great way to relax and connect after a long walk with our dog. A fruitful Sunday afternoon.

Please reach out if you're looking for relationship support. Developing your relationship with yourself is the first step and mindfulness based coaching can help. After a 6 year hiatus from coupledom the past year I have absolutely thrived in my relationship and have enjoyed supporting my clients in developing positive relationships too.

X Marion.

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