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Five Wellbeing Interventions for Everyday

These five simple techniques are my go to interventions if I am feeling stressed, anxious or overwhelmed. Wellbeing interventions are a great way to practice preventative mental health and wellbeing on a daily basis and ensure you have the resources to cope with the demands of your life.

Identify Feelings

Try to identify your feelings to yourself, a loved one or in your journal. You can use words to name them, like loneliness, sadness, anger, grief, confusion, shame, guilt, fear. By identifying your feelings you are acknowledging they exists, moving toward acceptance and then helps with letting them go and letting them flow.


The breath is ever present and a great way to intervene when stress starts rising is by breathing more consciously. Begin by focussing on the inhale, pause for a second and then the exhale. Notice where the breathing sensations are strongest. Reassure yourself and let the exhale be longer and practice releasing the tightness in the body when you exhale.

Create a Response

Boundaries, routines and habits provide structure and support and reassurance you're in control. Try to create space for time off and self-care as best you can. Ensure when work is finished you step away and make separation for your home life. Create rituals that are meaningful and give you a chance to recover from work and stress.

Cultivate the Mindfulness Attitudes

Cultivating the mindfulness attitudes helps you develop a way to continuously respond to life in a way that is open. Even when life is challenging the idea is you can learn something from it or it is a good opportunity to practice mindfulness. Ask yourself "what can I learn from this?"

Use your Imagination

Remember your happiness is not dependant on the external world as much as it is in your ability to find freedom and the liberation from your own suffering within. Spend time activating your creativity exactly where you are by using your imagination just as you did when you were kid and your parents handed you a box.

What small everyday interventions have you found most helpful?


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