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Marion Miller Artworks
& Creative Practice


Artist Biography

I have always been a creative soul, born with a paintbrush in my hand. Throughout my life, I have explored various artistic endevours, including creative writing, dancing, acting, photography, drawing, sewing, and my true passion, painting. My family is a lineage of creatives: on my mother's side, my great-grandmother passed down the rare art of textiles and needlecraft, rooted in the folk traditions of our Germanic ancestors. My paternal grandmother was a painter, and my uncle a gifted pianist. As a young girl, I was captivated by the sight of my grandmother’s hands creating beautiful art, her vintage aquamarine ring sparkling as she worked. I inherited her name and her handmade wooden easel, a treasured heirloom that I still use today. I am deeply grateful for the artists in my family who paved the way and nurtured my passion. This creative tradition continues with my four daughters, who are now gifted artists, designers, musicians, and crafters.

In my professional life as a therapist and coach, my creative practice not only fortifies me but also serves as a powerful tool for helping clients express their inner worlds and imaginations. Creative practice offers direct access to the unconscious mind, aiding in self-discovery, awareness, storytelling, sense-making, and integrating the psyche. I have coached other artists and creatives, helping them develop their own practices, exploring creativity for wellbeing, expression, or as a career path. I often assist clients in overcoming creative blocks and reclaiming a creative lifestyle, believing that creativity is our birthright.

Artist Statement

With European ancestry, I have long been fascinated by the Renaissance, classical mythology, and the portrayal of women by (mostly) male master painters. Art history, anthropology, and cultural studies have been favorite subjects and sources of inspiration for me. Growing up on a farm in Tasmania, surrounded by the Australian bush, nature has deeply influenced my art. The Victorian coastline continues to be a rich source of inspiration for my paintings.

I have developed an intuitive, abstract, and impressionist style, focusing on capturing the beauty of a moment to convey the sensual presence and mood of the artwork. I use contrasting colors, textures, spaces, shapes, and forms to achieve this. Currently, my work explores the female figure in moments of stillness, alongside my love for painting landscapes, seascapes, and still life.

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