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Choosing a direction: Holistic Career Counselling & Coaching Insights

Whether you're starting your university experience and have to choose a degree or major pathway or feel you've got to the stage in life where you'd like to change careers and even industries.

A good career counselling and coaching session can help you with making pivotal decisions around what direction to go in.

There's a few things to consider when exploring your options, narrowing it down and trusting yourself to make a choice that will lead to satisfaction and success.

In private practice I get to work with both students and seasoned professionals, helping them decide what is next in their professional life. Usually it takes 4-8 sessions to do some ground work, brainstorming, researching and then narrowing down until one obvious choice is left and it there's no doubts about how to proceed.

One of the most important aspects of career counselling and coaching I use is identifying and aligning with values, as we do the work of clarifying what career path to take. The simple task of knowing and being committed to your values is one of the most meaningful ways you can approach your career and life goals.

If you're having trouble identifying your values think about someone else you know or know of that you admire. What is it about them that inspires you?

Then you might think about what inspires you to take action. What is an example of where you stood up for something? Perhaps it was this experience that you valued that helped you speak up or act.

Then you can explore your feelings and understand when you feel most at home in yourself and authentic. When you feel really authentic what is going on for you? Who are with and what is involved?

Now you could try identifying your top 5 core values from this list below. The list is from James Clear's Website on Core Values. If you don't see a core value you relate with here just add your own.

  • Authenticity

  • Achievement

  • Adventure

  • Authority

  • Autonomy

  • Balance

  • Beauty

  • Boldness

  • Compassion

  • Challenge

  • Citizenship

  • Community

  • Competency

  • Contribution

  • Creativity

  • Curiosity

  • Determination

  • Fairness

  • Faith

  • Fame

  • Friendships

  • Fun

  • Growth

  • Happiness

  • Honesty

  • Humor

  • Influence

  • Inner Harmony

  • Justice

  • Kindness

  • Knowledge

  • Leadership

  • Learning

  • Love

  • Loyalty

  • Meaningful Work

  • Openness

  • Optimism

  • Peace

  • Pleasure

  • Poise

  • Popularity

  • Recognition

  • Religion

  • Reputation

  • Respect

  • Responsibility

  • Security

  • Self-Respect

  • Service

  • Spirituality

  • Stability

  • Success

  • Status

  • Trustworthiness

  • Wealth

  • Wisdom

The beauty of career counselling and coaching is you don't need to do this work alone and I offer a 15 minute call to find out if it's right for you. You can work with me to reflect on your choices, explore your options, unpack your skills and develop your confidence. The best part is I can help you keep these core values front and centre of the conversation and help you see potential and act on it with support and encouragement.

After a couple of years of living and working through a pandemic there is no better time to work on creating yourself a meaningful career. If you're keen to get started book your free 15 minute call time in our booking system and let's connect.


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