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How a Career Coach can help you make good career choices that sustain your professional growth.

The end of January is the time when most of us are starting to focus on the year's work ahead and asses what we want to achieve in our work life. Working with a career coach gives you the opportunity to maximise insights that interpersonal and market-based and transforming them into action strategies. There are many different types of work you could be doing but by asking the right questions you begin to uncover some of the details that underpin a meaningful and engaging career pathway. Here's some area's our career coach Marion Miller finds is most helpful when working with her clients:

What's unique about you?

Being aware of your professional values and character strengths and talents is always a good place to start to take stock. Your Career Coach at The Coach Hub has a number of psychometrics to help you with this. There is also the question of your interests, curiosities and passions. Knowing what motivates and brings your joy and if you can align your career pathway with that then you're one of the lucky ones!

What brings you energy?

You may even be able to find what some people call your original purpose by turning your past adversities into motivating strengths for a better future. You might have been born with a special gift or life experiences have caused you to care deeply about something and feel compelled to act. This is how many people begin building a business or starting a passion project by turning something they really care about improving into a meaningful job.

What does work/life balance look like?

Lifestyle and lifespan is also a contributor to career-based decisions and you'll want to consider a career pathway that will be somewhat harmonious with everything else that matters to you. A newly single 25 year old might have different commitments to a mother of three or a man who has taken on a voluntary role as a University soccer coach. You don't want to be working in a large team or in management if you prefer being solo and are an extreme introvert. You don't want to be doing long hours if your number one value is family life. These are all important things to consider and your career coach is trained to help you clarify them.

What do you want to earn?

There's the question of income and the ability to build your financial worth along the span of your career. Being able to ask for a pay rise or give an honest answer to that awkward interview question, "What is your salary expectation?" Speak up and communicate the exact figure you need to cover your lifestyle expenses and with your career coach you can figure it out and practice being assertive. The truth is any boss will try to maximise the profits of their business so it is up to you to know your financial expectation and negotiate from there.

How can you overcome the blocks?

We all have an inner-critic we have to make peace with at some point or otherwise we can find ourselves repeating the same patterns in life over and over again. Our career coach who is trained in mindfulness and counselling can gently help you become more aware of limiting and automatic beliefs or emotions that underpin resistance or avoidant behaviour. Things like anxieties, procrastination, a lack of confidence, fixed mindset, a harsh critical inner voice or the fear of change can be dealt with so you can take on new opportunities.

What are the practical steps to make career changes?

Our career coach can help you set up your interviews, prepare you for everything from executive interviewing to finding a part-time job while you start your passion project. You might need a CV that stands out and simply explains why you're the best fit for the job. A career coach can help you build your authentic personal brand creatively and guide you on how to update your social media, including LinkedIn to reflect your new move and career aspirations. Or you might want to brainstorm and structure your start-up business and marketing plan and build a strategy for sustained growth and success.

Lastly a career coach is the one person in your life who will give you honest feedback, reflect your challenges, wins and opportunities and help you be more conscious of blind spots. Our career coaches are trained professionals, meaning they are good listeners, ask meaningful questions and empower you to be the best version of yourself so that you can make good choices and step into a career you will love.

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