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The Minimalists Guide to setting up your meditation space.

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

All you really need to start a mindfulness meditation practice is your intentional commitment - everything may or may not add value to the experience of meditation. I once knew someone who spent so much time and money setting up his meditation space, including purchasing an Eames chair from overseas only to not follow through on the practice because the space wasn't quiet enough. I also remember a meditation teacher once telling me he learned to practice in India by a guru telling him to sit on the floor in a room with a tin roof for hours while monkey's were jumping all over the roof! I guess what I am trying to say is that meditation is an internal practice and all you really need is you. I would much rather see a real commitment to continuing the practice even when the challenges emerge, than worrying about what your space might look or sound like. This blog will suggest a few of the items you can get that can add value to your practice and help with posture, air quality, beauty and comfort.

The Cushion

There's a few different varieties of cushions available but I highly recommend the organic cotton Zabuton and Zafu cushion from Stretch Now in Surrey Hills. The Zabuton is the larger cushion you place the Zafe on. This cushion is ideal if you want to develop a sitting practice on the floor with a good posture.

Artisan Meditation Bench

I own a Black Dragon Seat and have found it great on retreat where you might be sitting for extended periods of time in meditation. It's very portable for travelling and has 3 different functions.

Indoor Plants

If your meditation space is indoors in can be greatly enhanced with a simple indoor plant. Did you know that some plants enhance the oxygen levels in the air? Acorn Nursery have a beautiful range of plants to choose from.

Candles, Incense and Essential Oils

When practicing meditation a great mindfulness cue can be engaging the olfactory sense. The light of the candle can also be a great visual focus for the mind.

Blankets, Shawls and Scarves

When you sit in meditation it's not uncommon for your body temperature to lower. Wrapping a blanket around (especially at night) can help you stay warm. Also tying a scarf around your waist can help you keep your arms supported by putting your hands in a pouch.

Insight Timer App

Download the worlds best meditation app the Insight Timer with the world's largest free library of more than 30k guided meditations, 5k teachers & the world's most loved meditation timer. The timer is great for silent practice and you can set the bell to chime every 10 minutes to keep you focussed.

There's the simplest way to set yourself up to establish a mindfulness meditation practice at home or in the office. If you want to find out more about mindfulness coaching please contact me via the website.

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